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Austin - 2008-01-07
I have had my Ball Python for 2 or 3 months now. His name is Jazz. I have never had a pet snake until this one came along. He is a great pet. We feed him 2 mice a week. He loves to be held. He has not even acted like he was going to bite me. Ball Pythons are great pets for the begginer.

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Dimitri - 2008-01-03
Yesterday I got a baby Sunburst baboon tarantula at pet plaza. He is so cute. Already he ate a big cricket last night. When I woke up this morning I said, "wow, how can this little guy eat a cricket that's bigger than him". I also think he tried to make a vibration line to try and catch the cricket and he caught it. He has a little burrow with clumps of dirt over where he sits. The crickets always go to one of his three entrances and tease him until he turns around and starts to walk a little bit to them. When I came home today he was walking on the web then I guess he felt my vibrations and went back in.
Dont you think thats a-lot to happen in two and a half days!

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mike hinnenkamp - 2008-01-03
We had just moved into an old Adobe house in santa fe, new mexico. Once we had all the furniture moved in and just got comfortable, I thought a baby snake, almost a foot long was slithering through my living room. Imagine my horror when I realized it was a " huge " centipede, moving very fast, making for a crack in the wall. I stood up yelling, and stomped on it. I have a size 12 boot, and I kid you not, my foot moved while it was still on top of the thing. It looked dead, bright yellow underneath, cause it had rolled over. I got a standard peice of printer paper to put it underneath the centipede, wanting to show it to my partner. It flipped over and started crawling up my arm, again, shrieking, I dropped it, picked up another shoe and what I thought, beat it to death. Again it " played dead " and flipped over and preceeded to make for its crack in the wall. Finally, I found a bucket with sand in it and crushed it. It was awful. Months later, we saw another one, but couldn't catch it. I was worried it would crawl on us in our sleep, believe me, there were many sleepless nights after seeing its " mate " and not catching it.

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Manny Burgio - 2008-01-02
It is good to see that eveyone is enjoying there Sliders.
I have had my four girls since i was 11 years old.
They are still with me and i am now 30 years old.
They are wonderful pets and very intelligent.

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Piero Chiappina - 2007-12-31
There is no question about it: this is the best beginner scorpion. I just received one the other day and he's a very stocky, impressive scorpion! Ive wanted one of these all my life and now I finally own one, WOOHOO! But seriously, this is a BEAUTIFUL scorpion. The only thing is that it scared my relatives silly when they came over to visit:D

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ABBY - 2007-12-31
I live in Indiana and I have 2 green anoles, and I enjoy watching them change colors a lot. I have had a terrarium for quite some time with a tree frog and a fire bellied toad. I read that they are compatible and so I got Noel (we got him on Christmas eve) and Barker. Later, when one showed it's dulap, I found that one is male and one is female. Maybe they might breed!(I have plenty of moist peat moss.)

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kelsey kline - 2007-12-31
I love my frogies! I got my first for my birthday and I got another at christmas, but unfortunately he died due to a disease in the stores tank. Right after he passed though I got another, and now they are both "in love". I think big momma and pimp daddy (the frogs) are perfect pets!

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laurie - 2007-12-30
My son brought home his beardie Toki from college and he is on the kitchen counter. I wonder though, if it is possible to overfeed him by putting too many crickets in the aquarium. It seems we all like to see him "feed" and I am worried we will blow him up!

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Tanya - 2007-12-27
I was reading the comments after getting my Pink Toe Tarantula today. Kind of surprised about the jumping aspect of it - mine hasn't jumped yet when I hold her, and to be honest if it does that might freak me out. I still don't have a name for her, but I am really glad I got her since she makes a great addition to the family and looks fascinating . She doesn't seem to move that much but maybe by morning she might be more active.
Definitely not regretting this purchase.

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Jessie - 2007-12-27
This spider looks so soft and fuzzy! It makes me want to pet it, and I really don't like spiders at all!


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