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Michael Winn - 2008-01-18
My fiancee bought my Tarantula for me for Christmas. I am so happy to have her. I named her Charlott.......gee I wonder
Yesterday I watched her shed her ecco skin. She looked so helpless but this has to happen for her to grow. She is one cool pet.

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chet - 2008-01-18
I have one Furcifer pardalis chameleon. It's just wonderful but a bit too lively when it's outside its cage. It's favourite dish is cockroaches, atleast 2 in a day! Astonishing and unexpected colors sometimes.

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Anonymous - 2008-01-17
You're site is awesome! Rock on.

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Micah VanderToolen - 2008-01-16
I actually just bought a Red Clawed Scorpion a few weeks ago. It's an agressive little snot but he is awesome. Sometimes I can handle it but not often. It is absolutely amazing to watch it eat on account of how brutal it is to its prey. I hope to get an Emperor soon and maybe sometime a Deathstalker. But yeah, a scorpion is an awesome pet. Not only are they cool but also people find you incredibly brave for handling them on account of modern stereotypes. So if you start out with an Emperor or a Red Clawed and you should do fine.

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  • Anonymous - 2010-05-08
    I really just started getting interested in scorpions about 2-3weeks ago then randomly find this website. I didn't know you could actually get one as a pet and be able to handle it, especially without being stung. This is so cool though I know my parents won't let me have one. Just saying from what I found isn't the death stalker the most poisonous one though?
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Robert Gallegos - 2008-01-15
I have had one of these frogs for 10 years so far. These guys are so easy to take care of, and they are fun to watch as they eat. I have never seen a frog shove food in it's mouth with its hand(s). I never bred him, I wonder if he is too old...

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Freddie Picciano - 2008-01-14
I have had a few RTB's. They are very docile and loving snakes that I would recommend to beginners as well as experts. Do note before you buy, they get very big and require alot of attention.

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adrian taylor - 2008-01-14
My son has just started keeping bearded dragons and I would say they are more entertaining than a dog or cat. They are easy to keep once you have the right set up and easy to handle. Ours have become so friendly that they come up to the glass wanting to come out.

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Christopher - 2008-01-13
Pokies do well co-habiting together even as adults as long as they are female. Male and females can live together until mature moult. Great if you want to have more than one on display!

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Austin - 2008-01-11
I have had my Ball Python for about 4 months. He is a great pet. I have had no trouble getting him to eat. He loves to be held. He is my first snake. Ball Pythons are great beginner pets.

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Jordan - 2008-01-10
That is a cool looking snake.


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