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Jonboy - 2007-12-25
I have a 10ft female rtb who i got from a person along with a 3ft royal. Since giving them the proper care they have flourishd into tame beauties. I also have a peruvian rtb that was mis-treated. After 3 months she has flourished, but after her past is just now warming up to being handled.

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anthony - 2007-12-24
I just got my bearded a few days ago, they told me it was about 2 months old, and this guy is so cool. he just sits on his rock until i take him out, and then he basically roams my room (i keep the door shut because of my dogs). So far, every time i go to put him back, he climbs my arm and sits on my shoulders, almost like he doesnt want to go. He seems to be eating healthy and he's very lively. I'm very glad i got one and im thinking about getting more. :)

Santiago - 2007-12-24
I have a male beardie named Daggit. Im not sure how old he is, but he likes to climb my shoulder and in some parts of the day, when he is feeling lonely, he begins scratching the edge of his enclosure wanting me to pet him. He is about to have his first christmas with us. He's my best friend and loves to climb my shoulder. He loves big hoppers. I bought him a huge tank, with orange play sand, a shelter where he can rest, a rock, and a log where he likes to be most of the day. I'm saving money to buy him an artificial log where he can have shade on his colder side on the tank. When he wants to have company, he'll try to climb out of his enclosure to look out the window or to be with people. Well, I hope you enjoyed my comment. I love Daggit and he is the best reptile pet. While I was typing this, I had him on my shoulder. REPTILES RULE!

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Luke - 2007-12-23
I have a pink toed, not an antilles, but he is very friendly.

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Reptile Solutions LLC - 2007-12-22
Just got a wild caught adult in. Very aggressive. Check out the site at for a pic soon.

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Philip Myers - 2007-12-19
My brother and I found a softshell in our parking lot after a heavy rain. It was a youngster by the look of him. There was a pond nearby, so we transported it. We put him on the bank and watched it slip into the water. We watched him/her swim gracefully and gradually disappear in the murky water. We named him/her Darwin(a).We don't know where it came from...

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Steven Cox - 2007-12-07
My Teacher has a ball python. i think it's one of the tightest snakes out there. Her python is about three feet already and eats a lot. It loves kids. Steven Cox Dec.7, 2007

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corey - 2007-12-02
I am new to owning a snake. A friend told me to start with a snowcorn, so i did. It has only been 2 days now and i love this snake. It will not bite or constrict, atleast not yet. She is about a 1yr. old and almost a foot and a half if not more. She goes into my right arm sleeve, lays across my back, and only shows a little of her face out of the left sleeve. A cool snake!

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Donita Whistle - 2007-12-01
My husband and I decided to try bringing a pink toed tarantula into our home after having much success with 2 Rose Hairs. I have to say that I think they are a nasty little spider and very unsociable. It used to run towards the opened doors of its inclosure every time we opened the doors and poops down the side of the glass. Now it has a very elaberate web and will not come out of its web, I guess except for at night. Every time we have tried to handle it, it has jumped. I enjoy our female Chilaen Rose a whole lot more, and we are thinking of trading the pink toed in on something more friendly.

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shemeka - 2007-11-30
The pig- nosed turtle is very soft.


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