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David Neff - 2008-02-05
I found one at a pet store near where I live and being the arthropod arachnid collector that I am, I just had to get it. I find it interesting to watch as it moves down towards the cork bark during the day and up to the top screen at night. My Tailless Whip Scorpion molted once and at this point I believe it is an adult but I could be wrong. I also believe it is a male because its pedipalps (front spiny arms) are very long to where the "elbows" extend past the length of the first segment of the walking legs on each side unlike your picture in which the "elbows" look to be a bit shorter than the first segment of the walking legs.

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Holly - 2008-02-01
Hello, my name is Holly and I want to say that I just got an East Side-neck Turtle and he is so cute. I love these turtles, they are so cool too have and they are so very hardy. I really did some studying on this turtle and I understood all of the things that this turtle needs. And then I have decided to get one and I am glad I did. THANK YOU.

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ben - 2008-02-01
I have one banded water snake. He is about 8 inches long. Its a lot of fun to watch them hunt, however he is very aggressive towards me. He tends to strike at anybody who puts their hands in the cage, but as soon as he is in your hands he is very calm and pretty much just sits their. great snake, cost me 10 dollars at the pet store.

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robbie - 2008-01-31
Terry, as i call her, is a very interesting pet. I mean, at first before she settled down she would literally just sit there, never move, never do anything. But after about a week she would start moving around randomly, dug a little burrow under a log and rock I provided, and it was just awesome to watch her eat ^_^.
First time i picked her up I was kind of scared, but soon learned that even though they LOOK intimidating, they are very calm. It's also funny when she just SITS on my hand.. doesnt move at all.. and wont let go, lol. It's like she's trying to say "I love you! I never want to let go!" haha,
but shes a great pet.
She's about to molt though, anyday now. it had me worried, but it's always interesting to see the pattern of a new pet's behavior.
~Robbie.... South Carolina.

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Andy - 2008-01-28
I have just gotten a 2 cm baby hadrurus arizonensis, captive bred of course. It's got one hell of an apetite and it's great to handle. Hopefully won't have any molting problems as he grows. Great Care Sheet. Thanks.

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Greenmanbacchus - 2008-01-27
Chilean Rose Tarantulas are indeed wonderful pets!
I only have 150 words to use...wanna learn something?
1. G. cala does exist, but not in the pet hobby, it is
a different tarantula than G. rosea. ( Rick West)
2.The current (2008) correct taxon for the Chilean Rose
is Grammostola rosea. The other scientific names no longer apply.
3. The correct common name for G. rosea is not Rose Hair, it is
The Chilean Rose ( Stan Shultz, co-author of 'The Tarantula Keepers Guide") Btw, this book is a must-have for all tarantula lovers!
Do a search for The American Tarantula Society Headquarters and join their message board. You'll really like it. Enjoy your tarantulas!


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nlya dantzler - 2008-01-25
Anoles are so cute and small, we have some in our class.

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George from NY - 2008-01-24
I just acquired a yearling yellow footed tortoise at 4". It's the Amazon Basin type, which is said to grow larger than standard yellow foots. With the AB yellow foots, there is a slight difference in coloration from regular YFs, seems that they are lighter and more uniformed in color, and they seem bulkier as well. It is very shy now, but hopefully I can tame it more as years go by and have a nice, friendly yellow foot.

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keeley - 2008-01-24
Thank you for the information on the poo-spraying. I have experienced this twice now from my first pink toe tarantula, Mr T. As I have not heard of this in any other care sheet, I started to get a complex! It might be a good idea to warn people on how far these goegeous creatures can spray which does cause alarm (after I had to wipe my arm, bed, curtain, and wall!). All in a days experience I suppose, I just hope he grows out of his defensive attitude.

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nicole - 2008-01-20
My class has a Bearded Dragon. He is awesome but he does not like to be held. All he does is eat, sleep, and poop.


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