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Scott - 2009-03-22
Very hardy marine fish and very easy to keep. It is not reef safe but is ok with soft corals in my tank and spits water out when you open the hood of the tank.

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bassam - 2009-01-29
Very nice, but difficult to keep.

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Chocolate Starfish - 2009-01-01
My Keyhole Angel eats anything, is always busy zubbing around the tank, and certainly not shy.

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  • stu - 2010-05-05
    I just added a keyhole to my aquarium. It only seems to eat the algae, and the packaged seaweed. No brine shrimp, or flakes. In the picture on this site, it shows a little pale in the face. Mine shows that now too. Is this common? Is it a phase? I did not notice when I first added but it was usually hiding. It has begun burrowing in the crushed coral under the live rock. This is a pretty fish, and I want to catch any health concerns.
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Ally - 2008-10-16
The gold flake angel is a nice fish to have. They are quite hard to keep. I had one when my tank was 6 months old, then it got white spot and cloudy eyes, then died. The second one I had when the tank was 13 months old. Had it for a 6 weeks, woke up one day to find it dead. The 3rd one I have, the tank was 2 years old and I still have it. I have had it now for a 15 months. So if you are going to buy one, I would wait at least 16 months before you put one in you tank, because these fish are hard to keep and not cheap.

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john - 2008-10-11
Pygmy angels like the Cherubfish in the genus Centropyge are the smallest angels in the Atlantic.

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laurie - 2008-08-19
My coral beauty relentlessly picks on my Dragon goby, but he keeps the goby from my Pearly jawfish, so he is okay for now. Nice fish.

Red - 2008-08-18
Our Coral Beauty was a great addtion to our tank. It is not aggressive towards any tankmates, and hangs out with our Maroon Clown periodically. He readily accepts frozen and flake food. Now, I can't say for a fact that our CB is actually eating Glass Anenomies, but since we added him, they have been gradually disappearing!

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onedelacruz - 2008-05-28
I've got a 5 inch philippine regal angel. He has as good an appetite as any other angel I've had. He just needed to be trained to eat frozen food. He ate live brine shrimp at first but then switched to formula one. He also eats nori and I sometimes provide him with florida live rock to graze on. He is the only large fish in my SPS reef tank. His tankmates are a lyretail anthias trio and some small green chromis. This is my first Regal Angel and my dad had a philippine regal as well. both started eating right away so I guess we were lucky. I think the key is to house the regal only in an established reef tank. My dad kept his in a 300 gallon reef tank. Mine seems just as happy in my 40 gallon.

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ALAICA - 2008-02-29
This is not the most beautifully colored angelfish, but it is a beauty to watch swimming in a reef aquarium. It does not touch corals and it is very well behaved for an angelfish. I have kept one for about 2 years in my reef and it is a male. It has lived peacefully in the reef without ever quarreling with any other single specimen. Even better than the so called "reef safe with caution" Coral Beauty Angel. Except the Lamarks Angelfish, it is a true reef safe beauty that will not harm a coral.

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harry - 2008-02-07
I have had this fish in my 6' reef tank for about a year. I have never had a problem with him. I also have a Queen Angel, Golden Angel, Emperor Angel, Powder Blue Tang, Blonde Naso Tang, Purple Tang, and a bunch of Gobys and Firefish. The fish nip at the corals once in a while but does not affect the growth. I have to cut and sell corals on occassion. I have SPS stony and LPS corals, leathers, mushrooms, many Zoes, and more growing out of the live rock. The fish get along great together. The oldest fish, a maroon clown, is over 8 years old. The Golden Angel was shy for awhile, about a month, but can be seen swimming in the open quite often now.


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