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Naqib - 2013-01-09
I have been keeping my budgies in my room and I am having problem with house mice. I just want to see if it possesses any danger to my birds. Please reply fast. Waiting for your reply and thank you.

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  • Jasmine Brough Hinesley - 2013-01-09
    My first thought is that there is most likely no immediate danger. Are your birds kept in a cage high off the ground? If they are it is unlikely the mice could get into the cage. I am not sure if they would present a danger as far as airborne diseases go, however. Are you working on getting rid of the mice? If you are then I wouldn't worry too much. Just focus on getting rid of the mice.  I would caution you to not use chemicals in the same room as your birds though. Many birds have fragile respiratory systems and many household chemicals can cause them severe distress. If you do need to use any chemical treatments in the room they are in, move them to a separate room and don't put them back in for at least 3 days. Opening up windows would help clear the chemicals from the air too.
  • Jeremy Roche - 2013-01-09
    Mint works amazing and none toxic. Mice hate the scent.  Mint tea bags in areas they go and planted outside will help drive them out.
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Premnath Rajcoomar - 2013-01-07
I have a Jenday Conure, about 6 weeks old. I would like to tame him, so that he can live freely. Should I cut his wings to prevent him from flying away? I would also like to have some tips for taming and teaching him some words or names.

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  • Jasmine Brough Hinesley - 2013-01-08
    The best advice I can give you for taming and training conures is patience. It takes a lot of dedication, repetition, and patience to teach birds tricks and words. It is a very good idea to have his wings trimmed if you don't want to risk losing him out an open door or window when letting him roam free around the house. Here is more information on conure training.
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azhar - 2013-01-07
My golden mantle rosella won't incubate the eggs. She laid five eggs, the last egg was laid three days ago please help me.

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  • Jasmine Brough Hinesley - 2013-01-08
    What type of environment is your Rosella kept in? Does she have a nest and did she lay the eggs laid in a nest? It sounds like she may be stressed. Some suggestions would be to ry moving her cage to an area with less noise if she's in a noisy area. Also make sure there are no drafts and that her cage is left somewhere with a comfortable temperature. Make sure she has plenty of clean food an water. Read more about Parakeet Breeding here:
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Jennie - 2011-03-27
I rescued my Samson when I was 16 years old! He had a girlfriend called Delila but unfortunately she died 10 years later. Samson was on his own! It was a very sad time!

Samson is now 26 years old going on 27. My mum had a lot of pets between Delila passing and Samson didn't get the attention he needed. I was growing up doing teenager stuff! However, when I was home he always got my attention and time, looking back on it now it simply was not enough! Very un-fair! However, my mother passed away too so I took Samson to live with me as my dad is nearly blind and couldn't look after him!

He has come on leaps and bounds since I have had him! He really does not like to be held but likes to hold my finger in his beak and enjoys playing little games with me! He is my little man! I love him so much!

Unfortunately Samson is not well and has been admitted to hospital for over a week now! This was due to a pet-shop selling me bad food! Because of his age his liver could not filter the rubbish food fast enough! How bad do I feel! His liver is swollen, his blood count is down & his calcium needs building up! Why was I so stupid to change his regular food (seed) supply! He is now eating Tidy-mix while he is in hospital but they told me he is not that keen on it but he is eating some of it! I have bought this food for his return. Pet shop food is not the way forward! Mind you.... he is 26 years old and has the right to be a fussy old man, he has earned it! lol!

What really upsets me is that these pet stores are getting away with selling this rubbish! I feel really bad on the point I did so much research on what he could eat instead of what he shouldn't eat! Hopefully, if all goes well he should be home on Wednesday or Thursday. That will be 2 weeks in the hospital! Bless him! How old do Blue Crowns actually live to? I have googled it and it tells me 20 to 30 years old! If this is so.... I must be a very lucky person to still have my little man Samson! However, I do not want him to suffer any pain and I hope that keeping him in the hospital going through tests and giving him drugs is the right thing to do!? It feels right in my gut feeling, however, his age is what I am battling with! He has never in 26 years been ill! I am struggling with making sure I am doing the right thing! Do you have any advice? I would really appreciate it. I really miss him and I want him to come home, his friend Schawlie (an African Grey) really miss's him too, she won't come out of cage or eat her fruit and veg, just a little seed but she is not happy right now!

Sorry.... I went on a bit there! However, I really want to do the right thing by him and it's hard to speak to people that do not understand how wonderful these birds are!

Very much kind regards!


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  • Clarice Brough - 2011-03-29
    What a tough time for you... and Schawlie. Yeah, he's only 26, you could have him for another decade. I'm so sorry you and your bird had to go through this, and I'm sure I'm just one of many bird owners that feel deeply for you both... we're a unique flock!

    On the food... most pet shops offer you several choices of food, it may be that there was a problem with the food itself. You might want to look to the manufacturer of the food, and let them know what happened. And then of course, like you say, offer him a more premium diet. All the best to you both... and to your African Grey too!
  • Donna Kepner-Wynn - 2012-02-15
    Jennie, just read your note and it's touching. Please update us on your little one! I've gotten foods from Walmarts bird section to mix with pellets from Petsmart. Now I'm wondering!!!
  • boriqueen - 2012-02-18
    God bless him. I pray he's fine and your better. I know how sad it is to have a sick bird because they become so much more then a bird. They are memories and family ~ my coco ~blue crown is very sick right now she won't pass her eggs and I had her since I was 16. I'm 30 it's heart breaking. Your story was beautiful thank you for sharing it. I think you are doing the right thing in trying to save him and made me think about what shes eating alot!!
  • Paulie\'s Mom - 2013-01-08
    Paulie is a three year old and we just got him. We will have to work on the handleing as I was told he loved being handled .. wrong .. but he is a delight .. his food he has been on hasn't been the best but he loves Nutri-Berries .. a great food according to my Vet and it turned out to be his favorite food too .. so .. I suggest Nutri Berries.
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mario - 2007-11-15
Hi, I just put a down payment on a Lutino Cockatiel. I don't have him or her at home yet because it is still a baby and is being hand fed. He or she is so sweet, and funny too. I am excited and can't wait until he or she is home with me.

PS: I say he or she because I don't know its gender yet.

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  • robbie - 2011-09-24
    not easy to sex. but look under wings, if it has yellow spots its a hen.
  • starlasmith - 2013-01-07
    hi,ive looked undermy lutinos wings and i see bright yellow and white feathers no yellow or white spots just solid colored feathers my 3 year old granddaughter is really wanting to name it luna but,what if hes a guy i dont want to confuse him,lol soo its important to me any suggestions?
Birdie - 2005-10-08
hi, i have a lutino cockatiel named sunny and i got it january 21st 2005. sunny is tame and loves me and my family. the funny thing is that i thought that it was a he until i read this page and realized that he was a she. this same thing happened with my old budgie that flew away last year. i love sunny and she loves me.

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  • starlasmith - 2013-01-07
    how in the world can you tell without DNA test if your lutino is a male or a female ?
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Carol - 2013-01-06
Hi i have a nanday conure, he is been with us for a week, he was just fine for the first few days, coming out of the cage, getting on our shoulders, eating from our hand, and then out of the blue, he got so agressive, we cant even get close to the cage, because he tries to beat. can anybody help us please, thank you

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  • Jeremy Roche - 2013-01-06
    Could an environmental issure triggered this?  Something scare the bird?  Maybe jealous of someone or something new?  Change in diet?
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LORA - 2012-11-08
I just got a neglected 10yr old hahns and I don't think he ever had a toy or a bath. Any suggestions how to get him to play and forage & bathe

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-11-08
    Bathing - now that is a hard one.  Some like it and some just do not.  Mine will only bathe when I am running the vacumn so creativity is good with this.  You can try spritzing or just make a game out of it by giving a treat at the kitchen sink and dripping water on her to et used to bathing.  Just get imaginative and try anything.  Playing - that is pretty easy.  Just take a towel and put it in your lap and introduce her to toys.  You can also take a towel and place on floor and put toys on the rug.  Toss posislce sticks.  Let her try and roll a toilet paper rolls.  Let her tear apart a cash register roll (bought at staples and real cheap).  Take a macaw toy apart and play with the Hahns with the pieces of the toy - as you would a child.  Let her get used to playing with you and she will start to learn to play by herself.  Hang toys on the outside of the cage if she is afraid until she is used to   it and then hang on the inside.  Playing is pretty easy - bathing is not ---   if she wants she can always bathe in her water bowl - messy but works.
  • Julie H. - 2013-01-05
    I got my Gabby when she was 5, from an abusive environment. New toys scare her. I hang them on the side of her cage for about 30 minutes before she goes to bed, so she can see them, then hang them in the cage just before I cover it for her sleep. She is nervous with the toys, but she wakes up and they are there, and she accepts it.......also, lots of patience.
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Rina - 2012-06-16
I need help. About 2 month ago I adopted a GCC. She is 4 years old. I think, at one time she was very loved. Then her owner got sick and she became a neglected bird, living on the carport. She is fine when I sit next to her cage and talk to her, but as soon as I open the door to her cage, she runs to the furthest corner of the cage. Otherwise she does seem very happy here. Next to her cage lives my Lovebird (8 years old), whom I hand raised from 3 days old. He is a very happy, but independent fellow who has taken a shine to my GCC. He tries to get into her cage. My questions are these: how can I get her to trust me and interact and bond with me? Should I let them interact yet, or should I wait with that? Would it be detrimental to my relationship with my Lovebird if they bond? Would my GCC get close to me should she bond with my Lovebird? Please help.... at this point, I do not want to make any mistakes.

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  • Brandi - 2012-06-16
    I don't know anything about love birds so I can not give you advice with that question. The conure...that is something I know a little about. Birds need time...and they must develop trust. Being an older bird (not old they live over 25 years, but not a baby) the bird has already established its 'bonding' relationship with an individual. That doesn't mean that she wont be your friend over time...but being a second owner, this is not an easy task. The worst thing you can to is jepordize your progress so be careful. Conures are so affectionate that it can be hard when this person they are use to is gone. Its like they lost a parent...they are devistated. My bird (although a baby) we are working on her skills because she's taken to me so strongly she squaks if someone gets near 'us' durring our cuddle time. She screams and nips at them. We are working on the behavior, but it shows you they tend to perfer one person. Doesnt mean that the bird can' children hold her all the time...but when she allows it. When she interacts with me...its when I allow it. Does that make sence? Anyways, my advice to you is for you to ignore the bird. Feed it, water it, sanatize the bowls daily, change the bedding...but ignore the bird. They get curious. Give it a few days. Sit next to the cage. Read a book and let it get use to your presence. Maybe spend time with your other bird where the conure can he/she knows you are okay. After a few days start talking to him/her sweetly. Not too much, a hi now and then...let the bird know you are aware it is there...always be friendly and kind. Then maybe when he/she starts to act interested and curious maybe open the cage. Leave it open for a min. or two...then close it. Do that for a few days. Try getting a stick or a branch and seeing if the bird will step up on that and come out of the cage...or lift it off the pearch and then put it back. They LOVE people food and it will expand their life cycle. Once the bird becomes curious about you let it watch you eat. Be enthuastic on how yummy it is and how wonderful it is. Offer it a bite through the bars. If it doesnt want it...slowly let the bird watch you place it in the dish and walk away. Curiosity will always get the best of these guys. It will eat the ( watermelon/grape/strawberry/whatever) and realize oh wow, she was giving me the good stuff! Eventually if you can get it to eat out of your hand then you can maybe pet it and touch it an pick it up. Before you make any progress the first thing you have to do is build a relationship and establish trust. Without that ya'll will get nowhere and it wont be a good relationship. These birds live a very long time so you have lots of time. Take it easy, take it slow and always show love. My bird (never been a bird person) is the most amazing creature alive. We have our issues and things we are working on but aside from that...its an amazing experaince. Remember, nothings easy, nothing is over night...and it is all worth it in the end!
  • Charlie Roche - 2012-06-17
    The little conure is scared and I would think 'cage bound' in she is afraid to come out of the cage.  Put her food outside the cage.  Talk to her, sing, laugh etc.  Let her get used to sounds in your home but get creative to get her out of her cage.  Yep, they become very attached to their humans and this is very different for her -   Get her out of the cage.  She will love you too and probably that little lovebird as well.  Conures just aren't agreeeisve and more velcro birds in that always want to be on you.  Conures like all things.  Mine sleeps frequently with one of my macaws - looks a little odd but the conure will actually and i do not know how break into the macaws cage.  They are pals but that little conure is 'attached like glue to me' and other members of family.  Yours will be that way also - just the way they are.
  • Rina - 2012-06-18
    Thank you Brandi, thank you Charlie. It seems, I am on the right track. Sometimes I get busy with other things and do not give them first thing their veggies.... she sits on the bowl holder, looks at me and let's me know that I forgot something. I adore her personality. I have both their cages placed that I can see them from my desk and they can see me. So we see each other all day. Beni, my Lovebird calls me when he wants to come out and I let him 'help' me with my office work (shred papers). She watches it with interest but that is all. Now, that I got both of your advise, I can relax and just let it happen with her. I thought I was doing something wrong. Many years ago I rescued a 26 year old African Gray. From day one he came into my home, he was attached to me. He wanted to be with me and around me most of the time. At least he wanted to see me. So I thought, it would be the same with my GCC. I will take a deep breath and relax. As long as I know all is well. Thank you again. It was a great help. Rina
  • nell - 2013-01-05
    Rina , I got a GCC from my brother They had been great friends but his life got complicated and the bird spent several years living with my aging mother who was not a bird person. In short he developed some anti social behavior including becoming cage bond and a sad periodic squawking. I ended up with him, it took several years but he's a happy bird now. He bounces cat balls, shreds sisal rope and has developed a nice vocabulary--he learned my name from hearing my aging mother call me. For 15 years all he said was 'osbert' then he learned 'hey nell' frmm my mom ---and his next one was 'osbertnell' (that made me tear up) he say 'sleepy' when he goes into his tent----- oh yeah try to buy him a birdy tent he seems to like having a safe place to hide, it made him more social. It took him several months to use that tent so be patient. Mine loves pasta, blueberries apples and strawberries, rice cakes and a little cheese now and then. Good luck and be patient. It's been a pleasure to see Oz come out of his shell.
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chris martin - 2012-02-27
I am considering adopting a severe. I have experience with birds having had a goffins cockatoo in the past.
Are severe macaws screamers? That is my most important question. I know that some birds call out in the morning and/or evening, but I don't want a bird that sits on its perch, inside or outside his cage, all the time.


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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-02-27
    A severe macaw can and will make a pretty big noise for a little guy. Yes, usually in the morning and as the sun sets but sometimes if they want out or attention. They are not, however, as vocal as a cockatoo and are more independent and wiling to play on their own.
  • dusty - 2012-08-29
    My severe is much noisier than either my goffin or mollucan...but I love the
  • Shellie - 2013-01-03
    I have a severe mini named Zoe, he is absolutely adorable. He is not a screamer, he makes sounds nothing annoying. I spend time with him everyday petting and rubbing under his wngs. He always fly to me and sit with me. I have taught him to give a kiss, flap his wings when I say show me your feathers. I bought him for my son but I'm the favorite one. Zoe is shy but once she gets use to someone she shares her love for them as well. Everyday around 4ish Zoe starts to speak and bark like the dog. I don't respond when she tries to get my attention everytime I walk by the cage. It takes time but they are easy to train, I've only had him since 12-14-2012. Good Luck!!!!

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