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   The Moon Wrasse or Lunar Wrasse is the most popular, peaceful, and readily available wrasse in the Thalassoma genus,...and it is also very reasonably priced!
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Dipali - 2008-05-30
I just introduced a lunar wrasse into my tank due to some overrunning of bristle worms. I no longer have bristle worms, however I don't have a ribbon worm anymore either. My wrasse SEEMS peaceful enough as long as it's fed. My damsel does have a chunk or two bitten out of it but I think it is playing scapegoat for the rest of my fish. For the price, it's a great tradeoff. My snails are still around, my grouper has not resorted to hiding, and my blenny and 2 maroon clownfish are also doing fine.

Lindsay - 2008-03-04
Being first introduced to the tank a few weeks ago, my lunare wrasse was the most aggressive in my tank and even bullied a damsel out of his normal hiding place and made it his own. He picked at my starfish and pestered my crab. Now that time has passed he seems to have calmed down and is very easy going and peaceful. He no longer messes with the crab or the starfish even though I rarely see my sally-lightfoot come out of hiding. That is my own fault however for putting the two together. I do recommend this fish to anyone. I would just keep an eye on it in the store before it's bought to see if it leans to a more peaceful or aggressive nature.

Bobbie - 2008-02-29
My moon wrasse ate a Sailfin Tang! Wow, real peaceful...

Anonymous - 2007-12-09
After living in the tank with our Blenny for several months, our Wrasse suddenly decided to start tearing it apart one day.

debbie - 2007-11-18
I bought my Lunar Wrasse when he was around 2 inches. Now he is 6 inches and he just attacked my Algae Blenny, who I had in my tank for 3 years. I would not consider this fish peaceful as he is always on the lookout for trouble. Today I will be adding an in-tank refugium to try and save the creature from the Black Lagoon.