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   The Bluestreak Cleaner Wrasse or Common Cleaner Wrasse is one of the most fascinating and well-known saltwater fish.
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Sarah - 2009-02-17
I am currently writing a dissertation on bluestreak cleaner wrasse and spent 6 weeks studying them in the wild. I would urge anyone who is considering purchasing them please do not as research clearly shows that they have extremely poor survival rates in captivity.
They are beautiful and very clever fish that deserve better than being removed from their natural environment and often starved to death. I would hope that anyone who owns an aquarium is a fish lover and that they would appreciate this.

SHANE O'BILLIE - 2008-10-11
I got my cleaner yesterday and I've never been happier. My hippo is is picking up even after just one day, so if you have a problem with white spot or parasites grab one or to fix the fish thats sick,
and there are so many more marine fish that are just as hard to feed, so mr marine bio build a bridge, AND GET OVER IT!

steve - 2008-01-09
I have one adult cleaner wrasse who attackes, in a slashing movement, a much larger foxface rabbitfish. Very nervous. I'd like to kee them both together, but maybe not.

Jamie Sefton - 2007-08-06
i had 2 cleaner wrasses in my tank and one of them died while giving birth, only 2 of the babys have survived and one adult wrasse is still alive. they are very good to watch and do help clean your fish. i have a blue tang and the tang swims up to the wrasse and stays very still while the wrasse cleans it. very good fish.

Jones - 2007-04-29
I have a 6 foot tank, and i have 2 cleaner wrasses in my tank. ive had one for 6 months and another for just over a month. believe me they provide an excellent service to their tank mates. Not a problem at all. i guess it all depeneds on how much room and what you have in your tank. My cleaners are sharing a tank with 5 assorted tangs, clowns and flasher wrasse.

James - 2005-04-28
In support of the Marine Biologist, there are several species of common Goby and Blenny that will perform the same services as the Cleaner Wrasse, to a lesser degree. They are also much more commonly bred in captivity. If you have a tank that contains larger fish species, dont go replacing Cleaners though, as most fish will not recognise goby/blenny cleaners for what they are, and will just eat them!

Ryan Saunders - 2003-07-31
In one of your pictures, There is a cleaner Wrasse cleaning an angelfish.My cleaner wrasse does the same thing,but it only cleans the fish that are not aggressive to it.Thanks for your support!