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   Even though he's a beauty, this guy has the reputation of being the most aggressive triggerfish! Which means the Undulate Triggerfish or Orange-lined Triggerfish may be the most aggressive fish, period! Actually they are okay when they are small, but get cantankerous as they get older.
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King - 2006-02-12
I just Added An Undulated to my tank of 5 triggers which are 1 Whitetail,1 Pinktail,1Huma Huma,1 Bluejaw, 1 Clown, and everything is cool. He hides alot I think he is just getting adjusted to the new tank, and his new tankmates. Having this many in one tank is a risk, and there is just one thing to remember and that is to make sure you feed them a few times a day so they will not have a reason to fight each other. But note they will fight every once and a while and it is ok unless you start to notice them get real beat up looking, and usually it will just be one that is beat up. But besides all that they are great active, and very colorful fish.

bradley neho - 2006-01-07
i just got a undulatus trigger fish and when i was in the shop the guy told me that he would be fine with all my other fish. i already had a picaso trigger and a few decent size damsels. well that was on a wednesday. by the sunday they where all gone and my picaso, well he did his best. but anyway they are an awesome fish if ur into predators

Pat Dean - 2005-09-15
No Offensive but...
I have to say that I Totally disagree with the comments under the Clown Trigger Bio. It says that Triggers in general are bad swimmers! As Marine Biologist, we have always understood and acknowledged the Trigger Fish as one of the best, if not the best Swimmers of all the Fish, Fresh and Saltwater. They can swim in any direction at any moment and are definitely among the quickest around! I wonder who came up with that comment and where they got their info!

Anonymous - 2005-09-15
Ihave a 3" Clown Trigger a 2" Picaso and a 1 1/2" Undulated Trigger all in the same tank with a Puffer and two damsels. The Undulated though the smallest is the Alpha, then the Clown Trigger. They seem to be ok together for the most part. When I feed them it can get pretty violent. They both pick on the Picasso a lot but he really does not seem to care too much and just goes about his ways!

alison - 2005-07-20
I too had an Undulated in my tank. The one and only book I read about the trigger species said that the Clown Trigger was the most aggressive out of all the species, and there was little information on the Undulated. He looked so awesome, the way his eyes moved and the orange & green lines. We named ours DUKE and that was the perfect name, he had attitude. He would wait for all the other fish to start "chewing"/"tearing" the feeders, all settled in their territories, Then "the Duke from hell" would come and round up everyone's elses food and go back to the middle of his rock. He had dug a nice little storage area below him and would sit over it. I had to use a drumstick to chase him away from the others so they could eat. Duke tried to antagonize a little Niger that we had just got. It was great, that little one showed him up and wouldn't back down. I enjoyed his personality, he was so proud of his accomplishments. I didn't do much television watching with all of that going on. Better than a soap opera. Like what I just wrote - sorry its so long

emma - 2005-02-08
Very strange, my very large clown trigger fish LOVES lettuce and broccoli it even passes the shrimp and other goodies by.

domenic - 2004-10-01
i have an undulate trigger together with a clown trigger and 2 picassos, and with a snowflake eel, a lion fish, plus others, and all get along pretty good; with huge appetites.

Kenny - 2004-08-31
I bought my undulate Triggerfish with a sulphur head moray eel. These are VERY VERY VERY aggresive specimens. They were apparently buddies, and are in cahoots when attacking other fish! We call them the Squirrel Master and Nasty Nate respectively. The Trigger has no problem showing the eel who is boss and will attack him randomly. They both will not let ANY other fish survive in my tank, and will gang up on any newcomer and rip them apart. Even my resident Snowflake eel and Poisonious volitons lionfish were ripped apart!

Pipo - 2004-04-30
I agree when you said this trigger is the most agrressive of them all with the excemption of course of the clown trigger. My undulate trigger is only about 2 inches long but his appettite is unexplainable, he eats anything & his favorite; small clown fishes. His peaceful towards his tankmates but when he sees any dying fish he bites them until death together with my niger. A very active fish but be careful of putting it with smaller vulnerable species.

Dan-o - 2004-04-05
the undulated trigger fish is also good eatin! When I lived in the philippines we were stuck on a small island for three days and we caught these bad boys with a line and hook. Sorry, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do.