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   The Queen Triggerfish is a little rarer on the West Coast since fish from the Atlantic are not shipped as often. The Queen Trigger is a beautiful fish that can become hand tamed in time. Watch your fingers though, the front teeth are very sharp and can deliver a painful bite!
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joe - 2006-05-01
This website is the best. I got so much info. Oh Yeah!!

JIMBO - 2008-08-29
I happen to have a Queen Trigger fish in my 220 gallon system. She is now every- bit of 22 inches and just an awesome fish. Does have a temper once in a while, especially if I don't feed her every day, which I usually do. Once in a while I like to skip a day of feeding kinda let things equal out... filters, skimmers, etc. catch a break, LOL. In with her is a 6 inch Huma Huma Trigger, and a 5 inch Undulated from the Red Sea. Also a Yellow-tail Snapper 13 inches. I love all the fish... peace, keep on enjoying your fish and your aquariums. JIMBO...

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  • Steve - 2011-01-14
    Jimbo, sounds awesome, I have had triggers in the past, now I have angels and tangs, and some clowns. I had a Queen trigger back in the the seventies. It never got that large. You're doing something right, good luck. SJ.
  • holli - 2011-03-13
    Where did you get the yellow tail snapper from?
  • michael zerafa - 2011-11-24
    I had a Queen trigger fish in my 4ft tank, it was only about 10in long but i couldn't have anything else in the tank with it because it would kill it. It always went for the eyes first then the belly...
    I had to cover the wires to the pump and the heater with air tubing because it would bite the wires..
    I was also told that if you put your hand in the tank it will scare the fish away. When I tried that the fish without any hesitation attacked me. I've owned a lot of triggers after this one, but not one of them was anywhere near as aggressive as the Queen.. p.s I did use to feed it only live food..
Anonymous - 2004-11-29
I think your fish are so cool I will go to your web site every day.

Auttum - 2006-03-05
thanks you guys, for this site

Brenda - 2005-11-09
hey guys thanks for saving my neck. i needed to do a project for science and it was about the triggerfish and u guys saved me, and they are so adorable.

Josie - 2004-10-24
I needed information for my T.A.G ( stands for Talanted And Gifted) report on triggerfish SOOOOOOOO bad! Thanks for helping save my neck! P.S Am I the only one who thinks triggerfish are cute and addorable?

Stefanie Hayslett - 2004-05-11
I love your website! It has so much information that people can use. I think that your website gives you a better look at what fish look like and are all about.*

Anonymous - 2004-04-01
I got the best info. for my science project!! Thanks!!!

tony giacalone - 2004-03-17
I have had many different kinds of triggerfishes, and I have to believe that the queen is one of my favorites. They are beautiful fishes, and have a very interesting temperment. They do not hide a lot, therefore actually being able to view unlike some other triggers. (undulated!!) Very pretty yet as mine got older and bigger, became territorial and was the focus of my 200 gallon tank.

Alysa Kasdorf - 2004-02-29
Your peoples web site really helped me do my project on the my "Queen Trigger" THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!