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   The Picasso Triggerfish or Huma Huma Trigger (Whitebanded Triggerfish or Painted Triggerfish) is a very popular triggerfish probably because of its' very interesting color and unusual patterning.
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some kid - 2004-05-03
Picasso Triggers are great fish to keep. i have a picasso and a bluethroat trigger in my saltwater reef (yes, i have soft corals, anemones, and polyps with them) and they are doing great! they never bother any of the other fish or corals, and always come to greet you at the front of the tank. they are very herdy, and should mention that i am a kid, and this is the first saltwater tank i set up. they are great, and i would recommend them to anyone who wants a smart, hardy, and peaceful saltwater fish.

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  • Carel Mouton - 2014-06-20
    Who says you can't keep triggers together. I have two Picassos, an Undulate, a Clown, a Nigger and an Indian Trigger in my tank. They all live happily together without any issues. At one stage one of my tangs had an issue with my clown trigger but I took the tang out for a week and this resolved the issue.
d.rose - 2013-11-12
Been in the saltwater for 9 years, recently decided to go on the aggressive side, thanks to wife who fell in love with a 6inch humu humu beautiful! As many may hear this is not one of the aggressive triggers, story short, been going to local pet shop 26 years nothing this women daughter of owner wouldn't handle. When I asked for this fish, she refused and asked her brother to get it for me. Needless to say there was human blood in the tripled bag I brought home, been watching this fish for months, I put him in with a same size nigar trigger and he kicks his butt on a daily basis, by the way tank is 125 gallons but he lives peacefully with a few damsels and a snowflake eel and a clownfish. VERY AGGRESSIVE!

Jb - 2012-11-01
What are some picasso trigger fish tank mates for a 75 gallon fish only tank?

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  • Jeremy Roche - 2012-11-02
    Some great choices out there; snowflake eels, smaller groupers, lionfish,  larger clown and other as long as not too small.  Triggers can turn at any time.
Dan - 2004-07-21
We have just purchased two junvenille triggers (one clown & one picasso) we were just wondering if it is possible to keep these two in the same tank, they have been travelling fine so far (they stay out of each others way). We also have in the tank a Blue Ribbon Eel, a Lion Fish, a Bird Nose Wrasse.

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  • russell emerson - 2012-02-11
    The blue ribbon will be dead meat right away, and the lion fish will get the same treatment in the near future. The bird wrasse will do all right, but I would suggest a grouper or a sailfin tang. Trigerfish are my favorite. I have kept almost all of the species and I can promise you this. As bad as the clown trigger is going to be when it grows up, the Huma can and will be just as bad. Think about it like this, it's like putting a lion and a tiger in the same cage, and then think about what you would put in with them.
N - 2005-09-04
actually, it's humuhumu, not humahuma, and the full name is humuhumunukunukuapau'a. It is a Hawaiian fish and it refers specifically to the rectangular triggerfish (formerly the state fish of HI!). this comes to you from a Hawaiian. ~N

Triggermad - 2009-04-11
I have a Picasso, a clown, a Queen and Jigsaw trigger all in the same tank. Yes they are all fairly terrortorial but without a doubt this species of Marine fish are the most interesting in the marine trade as they have wonderful personalities to match their flamboyant colourful exteriors.

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  • PhatPhish - 2010-05-19
    So for those of you wondering, I too have multiple triggers cohabiting together. Picasso, Sargassum, and Niger. The Picasso is the dominate one, but tolerates the others because it seems they are quicker than he. Their thinner bodies allow them to zip through the cracks with more accuracy, allowing them to get away when he chases them. But the funny thing is, they come right back out in the open, but keeping a close eye on him. These guys are so funny. I'm ordering a Golden Heart now to add to the mix.
  • PhatPhish - 2010-05-23
    I'm especially interested in your updates on how well these guys are existing together. I have a Picasso, Sarrgasum, and a Niger in the same tank. The Piscasso is the alpha dog of the three. The only aggression comes when the rocks are rearranged. That's when the fight for the best cave begins. He chases the others clear out of the way and chooses his favorite cave. Quiet a spectacle. However, after the caves have been established, things settle down and the coexist beautifully.
Michelle - 2011-07-19
I recently got a saltwater aquarium as a surprise from my husband upon my return from Hawaii, and I was thrilled to find a Picasso Triggerfish, but am concerned because a friend who lives and dives in Hawaii says they are almost on the endangered list. Is this true?

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-07-20
    The Picasso Triggerfish (also called the Lagoon) primarily live in Lagoons and its predators are mostly larger triggerfish and then obviously man. I can't find anything that says they are close to being endangered. If a species or a breed goes on an endangered list - then usually it is adressed as a problem and a group or organization will do what they can to make sure it is not endangered. It doesn't always work but so far much luck with it. However, I see nothing where it is endangered. It is a beuatiful fish - enjoy it. Congratulations
ADrummer - 2004-08-20
i have a Picasso and I swear he thinks hes a dog. He is so active and swims the same pattern everyday all day long. very fun to have and watch! adrummer

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  • TET - 2010-04-05
    Yes i agree with you , my picasso does his laps back and forth my 100 gallon aquarium after he is done with his meal. A happy and funny fish alright, thinks he is a watchdog or something. Bwahhaha. . . Best fish ever.
  • TET - 2010-05-26
    Yes they are funny and you get entertained. . . . .