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   Like the Bursa Triggerfish, be sure you keep the Brown Triggerfish well fed. Also make sure it has plenty of space, and a cave or rock formation where it can retreat to.
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kevin hill - 2004-07-24
the triggerfish that you have listed as a brown trigger is more known as the white tailed trigger. it is very agressive, much like the undulated trigger. although I think that it is not as agressive. the white tail does have alot of personality much like the huma trigger.

Pipo - 2004-04-30
The brown trigger has several kinds namely the white-tail and the white-tip. They differ only in the placement of the white color on their tails but share the same color and with white lips. I have been keeping white-tails for more than a month now and they are very active fishes. They may not be as colorful as the blue-throat trigger but definitely a grazer.