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   Do you wonder where this fish got it's name "Redtooth Triggerfish? Well, this fish has red teeth!
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Ben compton - 2006-06-12
Blue trigger or Red-tooth trigger is actually refered to as the Niger trigger. People say that this trigger will pick at the fins of lionfish or fins of a shark but this has not happened yet to me. The Niger trigger is one of the most peaceful triggers in the hobby. They are usually sold very small and can get to be 18 inches. However they do grow very very slow and can easily be kept in a 75gal for quite a long time. These fish are NOT picky eaters and will eat almost about anything.

A.trost - 2005-10-06
This is a cool fish. It can get stuck in rocks so watch out.

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  • dorthy anne - 2010-03-18
    Yeah thanks because i have a triggerfish and i was going to put tons of rocks in their but now i think i'll just put like two and they are far apart.
  • tina - 2010-04-28
    Yes I know I lost one today and am so upset... Seems he could not drop his top fin thing once he wedged himself.. I am sooo upset.
Anonymous - 2005-04-28
This is a great fish to get. It often digs, moves rocks, and sometimes makes grunting noises. This fish is agressive in my tank, even chasing, and picking at my lionfish.

Craig - 2004-07-26
this one of my favourite fish to keep. it is pretty good with other fish although mine did chase and nip my zebra moray eel. one bad point about this fish is it makes hell of a mess in your tank, digging holes in the substrate, and toppling rock work.