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joe - 2006-05-01
This website is the best. I got so much info. Oh Yeah!!

JIMBO - 2008-08-29
I happen to have a Queen Trigger fish in my 220 gallon system. She is now every- bit of 22 inches and just an awesome fish. Does have a temper once in a while, especially if I don't feed her every day, which I usually do. Once in a while I like to skip a day of feeding kinda let things equal out... filters, skimmers, etc. catch a break, LOL. In with her is a 6 inch Huma Huma Trigger, and a 5 inch Undulated from the Red Sea. Also a Yellow-tail Snapper 13 inches. I love all the fish... peace, keep on enjoying your fish and your aquariums. JIMBO...

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  • Steve - 2011-01-14
    Jimbo, sounds awesome, I have had triggers in the past, now I have angels and tangs, and some clowns. I had a Queen trigger back in the the seventies. It never got that large. You're doing something right, good luck. SJ.
  • holli - 2011-03-13
    Where did you get the yellow tail snapper from?
  • michael zerafa - 2011-11-24
    I had a Queen trigger fish in my 4ft tank, it was only about 10in long but i couldn't have anything else in the tank with it because it would kill it. It always went for the eyes first then the belly...
    I had to cover the wires to the pump and the heater with air tubing because it would bite the wires..
    I was also told that if you put your hand in the tank it will scare the fish away. When I tried that the fish without any hesitation attacked me. I've owned a lot of triggers after this one, but not one of them was anywhere near as aggressive as the Queen.. p.s I did use to feed it only live food..
Anonymous - 2004-11-29
I think your fish are so cool I will go to your web site every day.

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Jb - 2012-11-01
What are some picasso trigger fish tank mates for a 75 gallon fish only tank?

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  • Jeremy Roche - 2012-11-02
    Some great choices out there; snowflake eels, smaller groupers, lionfish,  larger clown and other as long as not too small.  Triggers can turn at any time.
Dan - 2004-07-21
We have just purchased two junvenille triggers (one clown & one picasso) we were just wondering if it is possible to keep these two in the same tank, they have been travelling fine so far (they stay out of each others way). We also have in the tank a Blue Ribbon Eel, a Lion Fish, a Bird Nose Wrasse.

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  • russell emerson - 2012-02-11
    The blue ribbon will be dead meat right away, and the lion fish will get the same treatment in the near future. The bird wrasse will do all right, but I would suggest a grouper or a sailfin tang. Trigerfish are my favorite. I have kept almost all of the species and I can promise you this. As bad as the clown trigger is going to be when it grows up, the Huma can and will be just as bad. Think about it like this, it's like putting a lion and a tiger in the same cage, and then think about what you would put in with them.
N - 2005-09-04
actually, it's humuhumu, not humahuma, and the full name is humuhumunukunukuapau'a. It is a Hawaiian fish and it refers specifically to the rectangular triggerfish (formerly the state fish of HI!). this comes to you from a Hawaiian. ~N

Triggermad - 2009-04-11
I have a Picasso, a clown, a Queen and Jigsaw trigger all in the same tank. Yes they are all fairly terrortorial but without a doubt this species of Marine fish are the most interesting in the marine trade as they have wonderful personalities to match their flamboyant colourful exteriors.

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  • PhatPhish - 2010-05-19
    So for those of you wondering, I too have multiple triggers cohabiting together. Picasso, Sargassum, and Niger. The Picasso is the dominate one, but tolerates the others because it seems they are quicker than he. Their thinner bodies allow them to zip through the cracks with more accuracy, allowing them to get away when he chases them. But the funny thing is, they come right back out in the open, but keeping a close eye on him. These guys are so funny. I'm ordering a Golden Heart now to add to the mix.
  • PhatPhish - 2010-05-23
    I'm especially interested in your updates on how well these guys are existing together. I have a Picasso, Sarrgasum, and a Niger in the same tank. The Piscasso is the alpha dog of the three. The only aggression comes when the rocks are rearranged. That's when the fight for the best cave begins. He chases the others clear out of the way and chooses his favorite cave. Quiet a spectacle. However, after the caves have been established, things settle down and the coexist beautifully.
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Andrew - 2012-04-20
A beautiful fish with lots of personality. Got mine three months ago and it's now the king of the tank. If you are getting one of this, please be aware that it likes to nip and chase away your new or current fishes. Will not disturb corals but will move small rocks/pebbles; so a very stable rock work is necessary. Try not to keep any type of inverts with any triggers.

Overall, a hardy fish for beginners and a beautiful addition to a FO or FOWLR aquarium.

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AR - 2009-03-13
I have an Undulate Trigger living with a Yellow Tang... they have been together since they were babies and believe it or not they are best buds... every now and then the tang will cross the line and the Undulate gets a little nasty but the next day all is well. What I find most odd is the Undulates behavior of building... this guy will literally move all of the sand, gravel, rocks and coral in the tank to one side... he builds these huge mountains on one side of the tank and leaves only the glass on the other side... each time I go in to clean the tank I level off the sand and gravel and move the rocks back, he goes crazy and starts attacking me... than within a few days the mountain is rebuilt... I have had saltwater aquariums for years and have never encountered this behavior.. it's amazing to watch him work tirelessly and I am actually starting to feel bad about re-arranging his home...:-)

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  • Anonymous - 2011-05-17
    He is building a place to sleep. You need to provide a cave for him.
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kevin hill - 2004-07-24
the triggerfish that you have listed as a brown trigger is more known as the white tailed trigger. it is very agressive, much like the undulated trigger. although I think that it is not as agressive. the white tail does have alot of personality much like the huma trigger.


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