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   This is a beautiful fish that is rarely seen. Notice the orange 'tang' on the caudal peduncle just in front of the tailfin. Also the fluorescent blue fringe on the edges of the fins. Isn't the Sohal Tang or Red Sea Clown Tang magnificent!
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hongt713 - 2008-11-25
My sohal tang is about 6-7". I put it in the tank. It was fine for about a month then I added a king angel, french angel, blueface angel and rock beauty angel. The sohal tang went nuts and started attacking all the angels and my other tangs that were in the tank with him previously. So I had to take him out and put it in my QT.

thomas fabin - 2009-06-07
I have just added a sohal to my tank, 75 gal. It houses an ashfur angel, purple tang and a blonde tank. They all get along perfect, they're all around 3-4 inches in size. I have them in a well set up reef tank, the four fish together, just incredable. I plan to get a golden butterfly to wrap it up, wish me luck.

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  • mark - 2011-12-07
    all four fish you listed will be to big for that size tank in a couple of months.tou need at least a 180
Manolo Miranda - 2010-09-16
One of the most beautiful fish I have ever owned; however it is a headache. Extremely agreesive. Everything I add, it gets bullied until death. He will attacks any new addition. I am looking to add a Flame Angel, a Bi Color Angel and a Blue Tang, and I am just afraid that they are going to end dead as well as the others. Any ideas? I am willing to sell it or trade it. Large about 6 inches long.

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  • Jody - 2010-11-11
    I will buy him! Where are you located & how much are you asking? Pls txt me at 770-885-8805
j.culling - 2006-07-17
Sohal Tang, what a fish. got him in a tank with 2 clown fish, 1 yellow tang, and a marine betta (comet). all get along just fine. he cost me

andrew james pole - 2006-04-13
i have bought 3 sohal tangs in 3months my first one was 8inches and was very peaceful and didnt attack any new tank mates after he was in so the water must of been good to keep him happy and well fed. my second one was 8inches and he was very aggressive as soon as he was put in. my 3rd one was 12 inches and was very peaceful and didnt attack a 1inch mandarin and a 3inch collared butterflyfish which was totally incredible. one gie in a shop in scotland and i am in southampton, thought i was just lucky.

eb851 - 2006-04-04
The Sohal tang adds a very interesting movement to the tank as well as being just plane stunning. Mine is housed with 2 purple tangs, 2 bicintus clowns, 30 green chromis, and a Red Sea sailfin tang. All are happy. The tank is a 130 gallon tank with a 115 gallon sump, a 75 gallon purge and a 35 gallon purge system. I have about 100#s of live rock in the sump and about 150#s in the tank itself. The unique movement of the Sohal coupled with its beauty add quite a bit to the tank.

eb851 April 2006

Scott - 2006-02-19
ive got a sohal in my 75 gallon tank. the other fish are puffer, grouper, niger trigger, and a powder blue tang, about 80lbs of live rock. the sohal is incredible. it has added a lot to the tank. it doesnt bother the other fish, as a matter of fact the puffer seems to give the sohal a hard time.

Metin Blazer - 2005-10-26
I have got a Sohal. He is super. If you have a larger tank. I advise you they are super.

Rob - 2005-03-03
i have had my tang for about 6 months he is my favorite fish next to my mandarin fish. they are with a sebae clown, 2 yellow tail damsels, a neon goby, and a flame angel. they are in a 75 gallon tank and all get along fine. got lucky, found him in a corner at petco for 42.99 plus 10%off. he was 3 1/2" and is now about 6". every one should own one

Larry - 2005-01-03
I added my sohal tang to my 55 gal live rock tank that (among other fish) a foxface, a coral beauty, and a purple tang had enjoyed peaceful relationships for over one year. I think that the sohal is going to kill these three fish (and the foxface is much larger than the sohal). I realize that a larger tank might be the answer, but based on my experience, I would not associate a sohal tang with any of the above three fish in a tank that was compromised by size.