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   Readily available and very beautiful, the Blue Tang is probably the second most popular tang next to the Yellow tang!
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BRITTANY - 2006-02-14
You guys do a very good job! need to put a little more info in there because im doing a report and I dont have enough info on the blue tang...well thanks for what you already gave me..Gooood Job.

Chelley Mcgrew - 2006-01-30
You guys do a very good job of information but.... you dont tell wether some fish are endangered or about the food chain and if you do well i missed it.

Anonymous - 2005-12-14
what i think is that you are fantastic .


miranda - 2005-12-05
Cool site but what about the life cycle???????? OR food web?

Hannah - 2005-09-26
wow! i love these fish! lol i finally found the one i was looking for! i have had him for 2 weeks now and its been great! not only is he beautiful but hes lively as well! thanks for the info!

Amir Gray - 2005-09-18
Hi I am about to get a regal tang. me being 12 I know almost every fishes name and its behavior, I want to thank this web site because I wanted to find out if a regal, red sea sailfin and naso can get along, and they can. thanks to this web site

Jim USA, Missouri - 2005-07-02
The Blue Regal Tang is a great fish. Keeps the rest of my Tangs busy. I have had many years of experience in Reef keeping and have had little trouble. Many sites warn you about keeping Regals, but with care as with anything its easy. My Blue eats everything and is really cool to watch. Don't worry if you have one just enjoy the beauty of nature you have.

Anonymous - 2005-04-20
Animal world helped me SOOOO much with my project for school. I got 4. I am SO happy.

Benjamin - 2005-04-09
I have recentaly aquired two juvenile Blue tangs, they are doing well and I hope they live for a long time. They are fun to watch and beautifully colored. This sight is awlsome!!

Benjamin - 2005-03-21
I think Blue Tangs are the coolest fish on earth.I am looking foward to having one of my own.I have a 55 gallon fully mature tank containing,a Yellow Tang, Pygmy Chrub Angel, and sevral types of Damselfish. I also think that this sight is the best. It provides alot of good advise and facts.