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   Readily available and very beautiful, the Blue Tang is probably the second most popular tang next to the Yellow tang!
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HECTOR - 2006-07-09
i have a 6 inch blue tang that eats pechay, a variety of green leafy vegetable that we humans eat.. he or she is one of the stars in my marine tank

jessica - 2006-06-02
i love this fish this web page is incredible!

chelsea and michelle - 2006-05-25
I love these fish ! This is some very useful info ! Thank you!

Corey Towne - 2006-04-25
great information guys thank you. you have hooked me on salt water fish and the bigger tanks. im working on making a tank that doubles as a table. im from atlanti iowa and go to the high school here. i plan on using 3 inch thick glass.

Stephany - 2006-04-05
I,m studying these fish and I wanted to thank you for making this site.

Verity - 2006-03-26
Was very helpful, I'm doing a science project for school on this fish. Reproduction info would have been much more helpful!

Caitlyn Sleezer - 2006-03-06
I have not owned a Blue tang but they are very pretty animals and probably make great fish pets. I think that this is why the people of Finding Nemo picked this kind of species to play Dori.I love Dori!

Melany - 2006-03-06
I think that the blue tang fish otherwise known as dory from finding nemo are really cool

Sallihah - 2006-03-01
Yes It's True, You Do a Very Good Job & It Is Useful, As I Have a Project To Do About The Amphiprion Ocellaris and Paracanthurus Hepatus. But It Would Be Better If You Put In More Facts About The Fishes.
Thanks For The Help!

Dory is my Hero - 2006-02-24
I finally foung the Blue Tang!! I am so glad I found this site because my report is due tomorow! thanx!

Dory Lover!!