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   The Marbled Cat Shark is considered a "true catshark" with a long slender body and a narrow head. It is a bottom feeder that is found in Northern Australia.
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bamboo shark - 2013-04-01
can i put a juviniel bamboo shark in a 125 gallon tank tell i get money and get a 200 gallon

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  • Jeremy Roche - 2013-04-01
    Yes you can but not too long!
Ryan - 2008-04-11
As far as sharks go, this is one of the best suited for captivity. It stays really small, 42 inches in the wild but in the aquarium it is much smaller, around 20 inches though this is highly dependent on the amount of feedings you give them. They can be kept succesfully in a 55 gallon aquarium but a 75 would be much better. If you want to grow him out bigger though you will need at least a 125 gallon. One other thing is that the babies are nocturnal and if you have a heavily decorated aquarium you run a rather high risk of your shark getting caught and drowning. The best way around this is to add decorations a little at a time and slowly get the shark used to bright lighting.

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  • Troy - 2013-01-22
    I have a baby bannded cat shark right now in my 75, he's about a year old now and just over a foot long. He moves around great in there but is getting aggressive now here's what I was thinking. Instead of upgrading now which I can't afford to do at the time, is to trade him in for a baby marble. But what I want to clarify is that this guy (the marble) will only grow half the size of the bannded I have is this true? I have been looking around and I'm finding that most sites say that marbles become the same size maybe just a few inches shorter then that of its cousin the bannded. If this is so a marble would be a lot happier in there then the baby bannded.
wilberth - 2005-10-12

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  • me - 2011-04-26
    That had to have been an experience to own white tail sharks as well the lemon sharks.
chris - 2011-01-12
Can I put a marbled cat shark in a 125 gallon aquarium? 72x24x17 tall?

Uros - 2010-05-26
Hi! I am from Europe and I am wondering where can I get one of this sharks? I saw that you can buy them only in USA...

Quinn.f - 2008-03-05
the shark on the Liveaquaria site listed $ 69.99 are actually Marbled Bamboo Cat Shark
(Chiloscyllium plagiosum) aka whitespotted bamboo

not Atelomycterus macleayi

Cole McIntyre - 2007-11-10
Lovely fish, just great for the saltwater home aquarium. I saw some on, they sell this shark species for $69.99. Also, its been specially (tank) bred in the U.S.A. Just search for sharks in the Marine section.

Eic - 2005-11-19
We found out today that the marbled catshark loves to eat fresh salmon. if you cannot get your shark to eat, try it out

john - 2005-04-20
Do not feed a saltwater shark...thats really expensive... disease ridden, non-nutritious goldfish! i can guarantee you will lose your shark the second you put a bad batch of goldfish in there. buy ghost shrimp and put some vita-chem in the bag so they absorb it, that way they can have some healthy substance. Do yourself a favor and read the book they advertise. There you will also find how to tell the sexual difference in your shark. I have a little girl, who loves her healthy and frozen squid mixed with vita-chem so she lives a long time. Please people do research before you buy! for the fishes/sharks sake.

Thefishkeeper - 2005-04-15
The sexual difference is easy to tell. Look at the "tags" around the anal...females have 2. I have a female who is beautiful, also do not feed them live food! trust me! Feeder fish are just swimming with disease, there is also no nutritional value, its the equivilent to popcorn. Feed frozen silversides, tiger shrimp, krill, and put some vita-chem on it. The life of your shark will be much longer!