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   The California Stingray or Round Stingray, have two plates in their mouth which are used for crushing the shells of crabs, prawns, and molluscs. This ray would take squid and shrimp from our hands so you could feel the plates in the mouth!
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Vince - 2009-04-12
I have a California sting ray. My whole family hand feeds her. Great Ray!
There was a couple of earlier questions:

What and how often do you feed? I feed every day with raw seafood sold at the market. Trader Joes has a seafood pack that they love (scallops, shrimp, Squid, etc.).

Water Quality needs to be excellent. Get a good skimmer and do your water changes.

Soft Sand - I am using Carib-Sea Bermuda Pink. It's a fine sand.

Other Fish - They do not eat other fish and my cleaner shrimps clean the ray all the time. However, certain fish such as triggers, etc. will pick at the ray and may even eat the eyes. Also, no puffers! I keep tangs, foxface rabbit, six line, and chromis with no problem.


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  • Tiffany - 2010-03-03

    What about angels? Have you had any success keeping the angels from picking at her? Also let me know what kind of angels you have.
  • Chris - 2010-06-16
    I have had mine in with Queen Angel, then Emperor Angel. Just doesn't work. My ray does best with tangs, wrasses and other peaceful fish.
  • Betty - 2010-10-26
    Just a little warning.
    I had a wonderful california stingray then we decided to get a foxface rabbit fish and it killed the stingray. We separated them but it was too late and it died. So be careful with the fish you put into your tank.
Eric Denault - 2007-05-01
I have a small California Sting Ray and he is one of the greatest fish in my tank. He will swim up to my hands when it is feeding time and will lay upside down onto the palm of my hand and let me feed him. He is such a great addition to my tank. Very Friendly and constantly swimming. They are very fun and bring a lot of attention to the tank.

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  • joe - 2010-02-22
    Sorry to bother you, but what else do you have in your tank.... so I know what is compatible with it.
  • matthew - 2010-10-07
    I saw your post from sometime ago and have a small ray for about 2 weeks now. Today he has a long jelly strand coming from his butt... I'm worried and can't find any information. Have you ever seen this?
Brandon - 2010-07-30
To the guy who is on his second one you have to have a sand bottom they get small scratches from crushed coral which get infected also they need to be able to cover themselves in it to hide without this they have a lot more stress. look up California spotted sting ray proper housing on google and you can see this is said by a lot of reliable sources.

byron perry - 2009-03-25
I just got a california stingray, it is very active. I also have a snowflake eel in the same tank and he doesn't pick with the stingray at all. They follow each other around the tank.

Nathan - 2007-04-23
I have a california stingray. it has not eaten any of my very small fish it, is very active in swimming, and i have not had any problems with it at all. i found it a very nice addition to my aquariums.

Aldo - 2007-03-22
Caught and released a California stingray today off of the Redondo Beach Pier. Released it back into the water.

brad - 2006-07-14
Rays seem cool. I want to get one (probably the California Stingray), but other than this site, I can't find ANY info about caring for them. Should I really consider a pet like this?

Lynn - 2005-11-13
California rays have great personalities, Once it gets used you he will act just like a puppy.Mine loves to be petted between his eyes.I just wiggle my fingers in the water and he comes to me.

Shawn - 2005-04-27
They can easily be tamed to hand feed and great companions