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   The Blue Spotted Stingray or Blue-spotted Ribbontail Ray are one ot the most unusual marine animals available. They have two plates in their mouth which are used for crushing the shells of crabs, prawns, and molluscs.
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Ian Smith - 2005-01-17
I am head aquarist at The Fountain Hotel where we have a 1000 gallon marine tank. We have recently acquired a blue spotted ray and he really is a very nice looking fish. He will share the tank with a Bamboo Cat-Shark, who has just laid six egg cases, four yellow sailfin tangs, a Naso Tang, a Lion Fish and my biggest head-ache a Sgt. Major Damsel fish. He attacks just about everything, except our shark, and has avoided all attempts at capture. Back to the drawing board.

Audi - 2004-08-10
We have had Lonnie for 3 1/2 years. She has been a wonderful addition to our aquarium and our lives. Although she is a fish, she is very smart, will eat out of our hands, and responds to her name. I would very highly recommend this species to anyone.

Audi and John 2004 08-10

Kim - 2003-10-21
AnImaL WorLd RuLes

mark - 2003-08-26
I have had Cyrus for nearly 3 months now in a 140 gal tank with sand bottom and a small stack of live rock around the drain to the sump. He has become very skilful moving around the tank and enjoys gliding through the rocks. It took nearly a week (distressing as he is such a stunning creature) before he began to eat, and he will now take small prawns from my hand. He is not so interested in fish but does eat squid and cracks open shellfish and crabs sometimes. I just wish I could give him a bigger tank - one day I hope to donate him to our local marine park. He shares the tank with a blue swimmer crab (rescued from a local seafood restaurant, but her mate died before arrival) a clown fish and several small crustaceans. Originally built for an octopus, but Cyrus was too beautiful to pass by.

Paul H - 2003-08-24
These are beautiful creatures and a real attraction to an aquarium. I have mine with a gray smoothhound shark, as well as some other fish in a 180 Oceanic tank with fine sand/gravel and a custom built trickle filter.