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   The Blue Spotted Stingray or Blue-spotted Ribbontail Ray are one ot the most unusual marine animals available. They have two plates in their mouth which are used for crushing the shells of crabs, prawns, and molluscs.
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jeff - 2009-07-18
HI i bought a spotted ray he is beautiful... my tank is 300 gal established. One lion, one snow flake eel and a bat fish. he lived 30 mins... these other fish are established as the tank is, any ideas?

Sean - 2007-07-07
The blue spotted stingray is a great pet to keep. I keep mine with a large zebra eel, a lion fish, and a snow flake eel. Very graceful swimmer, likes to eat squid and shellfish etc, keeps the bottom of the tank clean, filters the coral sand keeping it very clean, and it is easy to keep as well.

john smith - 2007-03-21
It is the best animal in the world, but just died yesterday

Signa Perry - 2006-12-09
I just recently purchased my blue spotted stingray about four days ago. It is beautiful and very active. The first night though my clown trigger attacked his barb, so I decided the trigger had to go. I was also informed after purchase that he needed a sandy bottom. All I have is crushed coral in a 150 gal, so I got some sand. The tank is now a clouded mess everytime he flaps. He can get under the shell, so I think I''ll leave it.In a few months I'm purchasing a 260 gal. The ray is housed with a clown, lionfish, foxface, puffer, naso tang , and two green bird wrasses, and formosa wrasse. All is peaceful minus clown trigger. Had thoughts of returning ray, but think I'll take my chances. Is interested in eating. So far he is worth the headaches.

Mike D - 2006-05-22
I bought a blue spotted stingray a month ago. He chews at the gravel searching for food (I think) but often ignores pieces of fish and shrimp that float to the bottom. He isnt friendly, splashes away, will not eat from hands, and doesnt respond to verbal stimulation. I have a 200+ gallon tank and he doesnt bother the other fish. I have to make some major water adjustments in the near future and algae UV light additions. I believe my water has been fairly stable but I have lost a few fish over the months. It takes a lot of work. Unfortunately the other fish got ICH and I had to use low levels of copper. I realized the stingray was likely affected and stressed by it, so I hae changed water, raised temperature, and I have a professional coming every month now to check up on the tank. These creatures are delicate and its worth 100 dollars a month to make sure thousands of dollars in work goes undamaged and is protected. I can only hope the ray becomes more docile and friendly.


Summer - 2006-05-12
I have a beautiful ray that we have named "RAY". I have had him for about 1 year now and he is the most wonderful, smart animal I have ever seen. He is housed with a dog faced puffer ( scooby), a eel ( spot), Lion fish ( Simba), Purple Tang ( P.Pooty) Yellow Tang ( Pooty Tang) and a clown fish named Jack. They are all the best of fish friends and do not fight or try to eat each other, they are however in a 155 gallon aquarium. I have trained my ray and dog faced puffer to come by name, eat from my hand and they even do a few tricks. Both are very smart and seem to be so lovable. Good thing we do not have a tank large enough for me to swim in. My daughter at age 10 even feeds all of these fish by hand as they are allvery gentle.
I would only recommend these to people who truely love the animals and will spend time with them. They LOVE to be talked to, they are constantly entertaining us, especially the ray doing flips in the water. Please help conserve our sealife for our children and grand children.

Tony - 2006-01-19
I bought a blue spotted lagoon ray 24 hrs ago, in the first 10 hrs he just lay on the bottom of my tank with the occasional glide around. I have a medium sized Blue Angel which started to pick at him also - I'd recommend not keeping Angels with this type of Ray because of this. In the last 3hrs he has become quite destressed, i've put the Angel in a seperate tank, however it doesn't look as though he'll make it through his second night. All i can think of is that using tape water may still have trace elements of metals. If this is the case then of course they'll look great at the shop because most aquariums use sea to keep the cost down for water changes. My advice is to ensure you ask alot of questions of the aquarium shop staff before taking one home.

Ricardo Booker - 2005-11-16
I have had mine for 3 weeks now. The first night he ate 4 of my Chromis, the next night 2, then 1. I am left with only one in the tank now. This one is smart enough to hide at night behind a rock where the Ray cannnot get him. When the lights go off this is when the Ray goes on the hunt. He swims looking for pray and will corner them and eat them. He also chews on rock in the aquariumn. I drop the food to him and when he sees it he jumps on it and eats it. Their sight must be limited because the food can float down next to him and he wont see it, he moves around until he almost rools over it then he grabs it. I have fine sand and he kicks it up constantly thus causing cloudiness and sand all in my filter system. I feel I must go to gravel or get rid of him and keep the sand.

Pilar - 2005-09-15

Please leave the Blue spotted sting rays in their NATURAL
habitat. Have compassion and respect for marine life and
don't keep them captive. Thank you. Pilar

ben - 2005-08-11
I'v got my blue dot stingray in a 125gal. With the rocks on both sides of the tank. I think a 125gal would be able to house them for life. They dont get over 15in wide. The blue spot stingray is hard to care for but if its eating so far so good...