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  The Bamboo Shark is also called the Brown-spotted Cat Shark or Brown-banded Catshark. Juveniles like the one pictured here have the bands and occasionlly spots. The adult Bamboo Shark are often plain gray or brownish in color.
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Jamie Gausol - 2005-03-28
I looked at Marine World( a local fish store) and saw that I just had to have a bamboo shark. They are definately my favorite fish. They are awesome!

MIKEY - 2005-02-02
Brown banded cat shark (bamboo). I currently have a 22inch one, a male. You can tell by the claspers underneath the bottom two back fins, females don't have them. Mine currently lives with a picasso trigger. No problems at all. A bit agressive, or should we say eager, when feeding. Currently housed in a 150 gallon tank with a pf600 skimmer. Thinking of adding a big sump to increase water volume along with live rock, system works well. Hope this short piece helps. mikey birmingham(ENGLAND)

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  • john jackson - 2010-05-17
    Hey my name is john from the u.s I'm looking in to buying a shark and the brown banded cat shark seems awesome. Any advice? I'm new that's the problem.
Vivek Sharma - 2004-08-05
We just got a brown banded bamboo shark. It is young. It likes to dig in the sand. It swims a lot through out the tank, but it likes to stay at the bottom.

Mick - 2004-04-25
I have a bamboo shark which just hatched a couple of hours ago in Glasgow, Scotland, all seems fine and he is sitting at the bottom of the tank behind the rock, any tips on feeding and caring for my new pet gratefull received.... his pals are clowns, regal tang, yellow tang, coral beauty and mandarin fish

shannon maxwell - 2004-03-26
i have a bamboo and it just come out of its egg, but there is a little eggs still hooked to him. he has been born for two days now. he is staying on the bottom of the tank like he should and i know he is eating even though that is hooked to him. thank you shannon

Anonymous - 2003-08-26
I have a bamboo shark in a 180 gallon tank,and i have found that they cannot stand high levels of ammonia it causes burns that make the fish turn red also i have found that using sand instead of gravel and putting no decorations in the tank is the best way to go cause these sharks will brush up against things and get scrapes and then they are really vulnerable to infections i always make sure my ph level is at 8.1 and salinty at 1.021.

tim - 2003-08-20
I have kept a few banded cat sharks within the last year. They don't seem to grow as fast a I thought they would. Even though mine didn't grow that fast I still had to get rid of them because they were to big for my 65gal tank. I work at a pet store in new jersey and I took the baby banded cats home and raised them for customers who would be able to take proper care of these cool creatures.