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  The Bamboo Shark is also called the Brown-spotted Cat Shark or Brown-banded Catshark. Juveniles like the one pictured here have the bands and occasionlly spots. The adult Bamboo Shark are often plain gray or brownish in color.
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Ben compton - 2006-09-05
I have successfully hatched a banded cat shark and was the healthiest fish in my tank. After 2 months he died due to a lionfish sting. These fish are very fragil creatures and need soft sand and near to perfect water quality. I do think a 125gal could house it for some years. Watch what kind of fish you put in the tank with the shark, some may pick at the fins. My trigger never touched him. I recommend people to buy the shark in a egg.

Tucker E - 2006-08-02
i have a pretty young brown banded bamboo shark and he is great. Since i am only 15 years old, "Chip" is a great pet and conversation piece. He does swim at night and sleeps during the day. I have found that when you feed squid, the tentacles tend to fall off and are hard to find, which will ruin your water quality. I now feed him scallops, which he LOVES, and since they are straight meat, my water quality is a lot better. Scallops can be expensive, so any type of fish or marine animal that wont fall apart is fine. Depending on the depth of your pocket book, a bigger aquarium will be much better for the shark, and will also allow them to get larger. I find it good to hand feed my shark, which makes him friendly and not aggressive. "Chip" lets me pet him, and he especially likes it when i rub his gills, much like a dog behind the ears. As the shark gets bigger, it is better to not have as much decoration on the aquarium floor. since Bamboo sharks swim and sleep on the bottem, it is better to let them have the room.

Barbra - 2006-02-02
Different sexes are easily recognisable by the males claspers. This are the two penisses on both sides of the tailbase. This goes for all sharks and rays

Danny - 2006-01-18
Sleeps all day, swims all night. If water conditions are right they are hearty. The best advise I can give is to cover every inch of the top of your tank and put a weight on it. Mine tends to jump out over night. But did I say hearty! This fish has been through everything. I'd think it was a damsel.

Red - 2006-01-07
a lover of banded bamboo sharks - u should never feed goldfish since they dont have enough protein for the shark. Sharks dont like bright lights instead they like low lights. there is a special temp u must keep them at.

Wade - 2005-12-11
Brown Banded Bamboo Sharks DO have a sexual difference. ALL male sharks have "claspers" and the females do not. Also, this shark does best with a specific gravity of around.024. I have found that the temp. should be somewhere between 75 and 78 degrees. I have kept this shark for a few years, and it has done VERY well.

christy - 2005-12-05
these are great pictures. Whoever took them should be very proud. Thankyou for all the information and research.

Angie - 2005-08-15
Bamboo sharks should be kept at a salinity level of 1.024-1.025 ideally. They should be fed to saturation 3-4 times per week to reduce loss of other fish and to knock down on the overfeeding problem that will eventually get you into trouble with a large specimen! They do very well in an undecorated tank and will feed better at night. Juveniles can go up to 2 weeks without feeding when 1st introduced into a system, feed live foods if it lasts longer than that. Temperature should be kept at 76-78 degrees as an average. Make sure you have no "metallics" in your tank as these things have been proven to actually drive the shark crazy. They are very intelligent and a wonderful pet if cared for correctly.

Hayley - 2005-07-21
I have had a banded catshark for a good 12 months now and she is easily the most hardy animal i have ever kept. I feed her on a range of fresh seafood once every three to four days. Only downside is that she does tend to get a bit hungry and eat the other fish.

Anonymous - 2005-04-27
I have a bamboo shark and I have found that they dont work well when you are feeding them when they are among other fish. (they tend to get greedy)