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  The Bamboo Shark is also called the Brown-spotted Cat Shark or Brown-banded Catshark. Juveniles like the one pictured here have the bands and occasionlly spots. The adult Bamboo Shark are often plain gray or brownish in color.
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Howie - 2010-04-25
My bamboo shark hatached about a year a go (2009) and was about 4 or so inches now he is about 13 inches. He eats from our hand and he eats on his own. It is one of the most enjoyable animals I have.
Thanks Howie

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  • john jackson - 2010-05-17
    Hey could you email me? I want to learn more. I love sharks and I am looking to buy one and a aquarium I'm new and I keep hearing experts only and I just want to get a opinion. Here's my email:
connor - 2009-04-26
Where can you buy these bamboo shark eggs? online?

kathy taylor - 2009-01-24
I have a cat bamboo shark egg. I have had him almost 3 months. He has holes in his egg but hasn't hatched yet, do I need to help him out or will he come out by himself?

kathy - 2008-12-26
I have had my cat shark egg since nov 4th. How do I know when its ready to hatch and do I need to help it?

Robert - 2008-09-16
I purchased a banded cat shark egg from my LFS and about a little over 3 months it finally hatched. Now "JAWS" is a month old and 7 inches long from head to tail and loves to cruise the tank at night and just hangs out during the day unless she is feeding. I recommend these sharks to anyone that can afford a large tank to house them in (175 or larger). The bigger the tank the more comfortable the shark will feel and the more comfortable any other tank mates will feel. I hand feed her Ghost Shrimp soaked in Vitality vitamin liquid and Frozen Shark Formula. This is the best fish I have ever owned. Ever since I was little I wanted a pet shark, but always do your research before you buy any fish. It will help you in the long run to avoid any problems.

Leanna - 2008-06-16
Hey, I'm trying to get my mom to let me get a brown banded catshark. So I wonder if you go to a petshop and ask the person that owns it if he/she could somehow order one, instead of it being shifted to me. Cause I wouldn't wanna take a risk of it being brought to me, cause something might happen!

joe - 2008-05-12
I just bought a bamboo shark egg Saturday and it hatched the next day. I was so surprised, unfortunately I wasn't supposed to get a bigger tank for a couple weeks because I wasn't expecting him to hatch that quick. So now I have to go get a new tank, but I'm not really complaining about it! I think I'm gonna get a 150 gallon tank.

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  • ken - 2010-04-23
    I wouldn't rush right out and buy the bigger tank you have time for it to grow.
pat - 2007-11-15
I bought the egg and "Shamu" hatched Christmas Eve, 2006. She is doing very well (9" from snout to tail) & my water parameters are very good. She adores eating live ghost shrimp (once a week) and defrosted silversides. She lives with a white ribbon eel, an engineer goby, a clarki clown, a blue chromis, a blue velvet damsel, a percula clown, a pencil urchin and a coral banded shrimp. She sleeps all day, & cruises all night. Temp is currently at 72.5 degrees, specific gravity at .23, pH at 8.2. I have crushed coral substrate and multiple live rock with a wet/dry filter & protein skimmer. I will be adding a refugium shortly, because I would like to add soft corals to my live rock

Justin bunch - 2007-08-19
I am only about 11 but my dad said I can get a bamboo shark so I am looking forward to it but i am scared that it will die.

big hoss - 2007-05-05
I am a shark lover. i love sharks and the black banded shark is very picky when it comes to eating when you first get it. i love how it swims, like a baby jaws. they are lazy as a baby they just eat sleep and play at night. its a good shark and i cant wait till it grows larger. i have 3 60 gallon pumps for it and my salt level and temp is perfect.