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  The Bamboo Shark is also called the Brown-spotted Cat Shark or Brown-banded Catshark. Juveniles like the one pictured here have the bands and occasionlly spots. The adult Bamboo Shark are often plain gray or brownish in color.
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C.M.T. :-p - 2008-02-03
I currently have a baby bamboo shark. I haven't had it for much time, but this I know, they have an excellent sense of smell. I mean as soon as I drop the food in the tank, he knows. But I am trying to find him an owner because I can't keep him.

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  • Karl - 2012-06-10
    That is a shame that you have to rehome this shark. I have 7 of these as I rescue them and they are housed in trios in 10000 gallon ponds. If you struggle to find a home for it you can use me as a back up. Please email me if you have any questions or need some help with it. Kind regards Karl.
george whiting - 2011-01-11
How much for a bamboo shark? :)

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  • jose - 2011-05-09
    I paid $90.00 for mine. I don't know if it is ok. Just to let you know.
  • Klaus Sorensen - 2012-04-25
    I paid $50 for my egg and I'm buying an already hatched one for another $50
Alfie - 2011-03-15
I love these sharks I'm going to get a marbled bamboo cat shark when I get my 1000+ liter 10ft x 2ft x 2ft tank in a couple of months can't wait.

Rachel - 2011-02-22
Our son just got his first Bamboo Shark yesterday. 10"....Really excited for him and this adventure....We were wondering about the dangers (if any) of having a large Sea Anemone in the tank as well. Anyone know?

samantha - 2010-12-13
I've had a banded cat shark for about 4 to 5 months now and he just all of the sudden stopped eating he won't eat the food he normally eats (frozen krill) so I thought changing the food might help I tried shrimp won't eat that tried guppies he won't eat that and on top of everything he went from black to brown in over 24 hours can someone please explain to me why this is happening to my baby?

Sheldon Porter - 2007-03-11
My first baby bamboo shark hatched 2 months after getting him. He loves squid and any tidbits I put in for him.
I've now got a second shark and he's due to hatch soon.
If you use an ozonizer be careful as I read that they have attributed to many deaths of sharks in aquariums! Keep it on low or on occasionally to clean the water.
Sheldon from Manchester.

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  • joe - 2010-10-03
    Hey I've been wanting to get a bamboo shark for a while but I only have a 90 gallon tank would that be big enough or what because I can't afford a new tank and I really want a shark I love fish.
  • angel - 2010-12-13
    How do you know when it's going to hatch?
derek - 2010-11-17
Well I have now had my bamboo shark for 6 weeks. He seemed slow at first but now he just love's to swim at night. He acts like I never feed him but feed him every other night. I plan on getting another one to breed them in my new 400 gallon, but will be moved to my 5000 as soon as it and the house gets done next year. I can't wait!

justin time - 2008-02-18
These sharks rock - they're like mini nurse sharks :)

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  • joe - 2010-10-03
    Hey I've been wanting to get a bamboo shark for a while but all I have is a 90 gallon tank and I don't have the money to buy a bigger tank do you have any tips?
David Jones - 2009-12-05
Chiloscylliums need to be feed once to twice WEEKLY, not daily. This is covered in publications such as Scott Michael's "Aquarium Sharks and Rays" as well as many online resources. Keeping one in a tank as small as a 150 would be very inhumane, considering this shark is capable of getting large enough that it couldn't even lay straight by the end of it's 20+ year natural lifespan. Using goldfish as feeders will ultimately cause a very malnourished shark with an incredibly short lifespan, and it does NOT do well with mixed communities of fish... these sedentary sharks tend to fall prey to many agile fish (angels and tangs will peck their eyes)

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  • chris - 2010-09-02
    Thanks for the info, I am recently looking into buying a bamboo shark and your information is and was very helpful.
chris - 2009-01-11
Mine hatched about 3 weeks ago, I haven't seen him eat anything yet. I've offered him squid, krill, mysis, live ghost shrimp, he won't eat anything. Any tips??????

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  • cameron - 2010-07-04
    Yea mate, cut up some frozen prawns into bite size pieces for it! Make sure the prawn isn't solid and isn't completely thawed out! Try place it in front of the sharks mouth and leave it for about 10 minutes! If it doesn't eat it take the prawn out.
  • Anonymous - 2010-08-04
    use a feeder stick