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Vince - 2009-04-12
I have a California sting ray. My whole family hand feeds her. Great Ray!
There was a couple of earlier questions:

What and how often do you feed? I feed every day with raw seafood sold at the market. Trader Joes has a seafood pack that they love (scallops, shrimp, Squid, etc.).

Water Quality needs to be excellent. Get a good skimmer and do your water changes.

Soft Sand - I am using Carib-Sea Bermuda Pink. It's a fine sand.

Other Fish - They do not eat other fish and my cleaner shrimps clean the ray all the time. However, certain fish such as triggers, etc. will pick at the ray and may even eat the eyes. Also, no puffers! I keep tangs, foxface rabbit, six line, and chromis with no problem.


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  • Tiffany - 2010-03-03

    What about angels? Have you had any success keeping the angels from picking at her? Also let me know what kind of angels you have.
  • Chris - 2010-06-16
    I have had mine in with Queen Angel, then Emperor Angel. Just doesn't work. My ray does best with tangs, wrasses and other peaceful fish.
  • Betty - 2010-10-26
    Just a little warning.
    I had a wonderful california stingray then we decided to get a foxface rabbit fish and it killed the stingray. We separated them but it was too late and it died. So be careful with the fish you put into your tank.
Eric Denault - 2007-05-01
I have a small California Sting Ray and he is one of the greatest fish in my tank. He will swim up to my hands when it is feeding time and will lay upside down onto the palm of my hand and let me feed him. He is such a great addition to my tank. Very Friendly and constantly swimming. They are very fun and bring a lot of attention to the tank.

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  • joe - 2010-02-22
    Sorry to bother you, but what else do you have in your tank.... so I know what is compatible with it.
  • matthew - 2010-10-07
    I saw your post from sometime ago and have a small ray for about 2 weeks now. Today he has a long jelly strand coming from his butt... I'm worried and can't find any information. Have you ever seen this?
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justin time - 2008-02-18
These sharks rock - they're like mini nurse sharks :)

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  • joe - 2010-10-03
    Hey I've been wanting to get a bamboo shark for a while but all I have is a 90 gallon tank and I don't have the money to buy a bigger tank do you have any tips?
David Jones - 2009-12-05
Chiloscylliums need to be feed once to twice WEEKLY, not daily. This is covered in publications such as Scott Michael's "Aquarium Sharks and Rays" as well as many online resources. Keeping one in a tank as small as a 150 would be very inhumane, considering this shark is capable of getting large enough that it couldn't even lay straight by the end of it's 20+ year natural lifespan. Using goldfish as feeders will ultimately cause a very malnourished shark with an incredibly short lifespan, and it does NOT do well with mixed communities of fish... these sedentary sharks tend to fall prey to many agile fish (angels and tangs will peck their eyes)

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  • chris - 2010-09-02
    Thanks for the info, I am recently looking into buying a bamboo shark and your information is and was very helpful.
rob fusco - 2009-01-30
Well, I just bought an bamboo shark egg about two days ago. I am waiting for it to hatch. I presently have a 90 gallon tank with about 60 lbs of rock and a few corals, but in about a week I am getting a 265 gallon reef ready setup from a friend who lost intrest in it. I plan on having the tank built into a fake wall in my basement that is being finished off. This will be my first shark so hopefully things go well for me. He/she will be living with a blonde naso tang, a cole tang, powder blue tang, a yellow tang, and a scribbled rabbit. Wish me luck and possible other sharks to come in the future. My 90 gallon will remain in my master bedroom.

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  • Jon - 2010-08-10
    I am a master in the shark field and study them in very large tanks. I would not recommend you keep sharks with other fish. Sharks can be very aggressive towards other fish. Be very cautious of your fish tank and I hope everything gets along well.
chris - 2009-01-11
Mine hatched about 3 weeks ago, I haven't seen him eat anything yet. I've offered him squid, krill, mysis, live ghost shrimp, he won't eat anything. Any tips??????

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  • cameron - 2010-07-04
    Yea mate, cut up some frozen prawns into bite size pieces for it! Make sure the prawn isn't solid and isn't completely thawed out! Try place it in front of the sharks mouth and leave it for about 10 minutes! If it doesn't eat it take the prawn out.
  • Anonymous - 2010-08-04
    use a feeder stick
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Brandon - 2010-07-30
To the guy who is on his second one you have to have a sand bottom they get small scratches from crushed coral which get infected also they need to be able to cover themselves in it to hide without this they have a lot more stress. look up California spotted sting ray proper housing on google and you can see this is said by a lot of reliable sources.

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Chris - 2010-07-17
There are websites that sell zebra sharks.

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Anonymous - 2008-09-11
I'm doing an project on nurse sharks. I'm in 6th grade and I'm trying to make a good grade on it. Good luck to myself.

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  • Dominic - 2010-05-26
    I like nurse sharks,they are one of my favorites and I like hand feeding them and I'm in 5th grade and I am an expert!Trust me, I study and keep a log:-)
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Uros - 2010-05-26
Hi! I am from Europe and I am wondering where can I get one of this sharks? I saw that you can buy them only in USA...


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