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   The Miniatus Grouper, Coral Trout, Coral Rock Cod, or Jewel Bass is a very strikingly beautiful fish! They have a flamboyant red color with white and blue dots. A juvenile can be yellow with the blue spots being faint and pale.
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E. Holmes - 2014-08-25
I just purchased one today and I must say that it is a stunning fish to have in the tank. If you want to keep one, make sure your tank is large enough and you have plenty of rockwork for it to hide in. It doesn't come out much because that's not in it's nature, but when it does....WOW!

anyone - 2011-07-14
I have this fish with arowana and flowerhorn
but no problem arise till now.

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  • Anonymous - 2014-07-06
    It's a saltwater fish?
some fish lover! - 2009-12-01
I just got one to put with my panther grouper in my 30 gallon tank and he never stops swimming around. The panther grouper chases him sometimes but it seems like he is fighting for territory. great fish!

johnny - 2006-02-12
i have owned a miniatus for several months and like the last comment when i added tangs he went for them because he is so territorial. if u plan on owning one of these beautiful fishes and housing them with other fish it is highly recommended that u put this grouper dead last in order of fish in your tank so he does not territorialize every part of your tank. always research fish before adding them to your tank because fish dont deserve to die or suffer.....good luck

Bill Ostrander, III - 2004-12-26
I owned one of these for several months and was my pride and joy. A very beautiful fish and wonderful to watch/interact with. I had lots of rockwork for him to hide amongst and he loved every part of it. I had to trade him in unfortunately because he tried to eat my powder blue tang. As soon as the grouper was out of the tank in a quarantine tank (to allow the tang to become acclimated), all of my other fish that had been hiding all the time came out. I put two and two together, and unfortunately the answer meant trading him in to my local fish store for in store credit. Probably one of the best fish I have owned, I just wish I had planned better as far as compatability.