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   This one is doing what most Porcupine Puffer or Porcupinefish do very well, (besides eating) it is puffing up! If threatened, they will fill themselves with air or water to become about 5 times their normal size! This one did it every time we moved it.
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Anonymous - 2006-08-27
I am really sorry for people who face some problems with it but mine is quiet and solitary. It likes to remain in the corner of the tank and never troubles any other fish. It doent puffs up alot because it doesnt have any trouble with other fishes. My fish is kind of timid and doesnt eat when other fishes are eating. You can try to drop food at different places so that it gets some. You can also feed it during night and it loves to have all the food to himself.

Anonymous - 2006-04-24
i have two tanks one of which contains a juvenile porcupine, which likes to jump into the other tank and bother the fish in that tank

mark - 2004-07-27
I had a porcupine puffer about 7 inches long when I introduced a Green Wolf Eel approx 5 inches long. The puffer is always curious about tank mates but has never shown aggression towards the wolf, they get along fine.

anthony - 2004-04-13
I bought mine and dump it into the aquarium.
It appeared very stressed and kept swimming around nervously.
It fed on the live tiny catfish which i threw in.

Tank was clear when i went to bed.
When i woke up all marine lifeforms were dead and aquarium was filled with a whitish fluid. Only survivors were corals, anemone, anemone crab and moray eel.

The next day i bought one more. same thing happened. this will be my last porcupine. *sad*

kyle - 2004-04-12
I just bought a porcupine puffer at petco. he's about 4+1/2 - 5 inches long and for the first day he hid under a piece of coral but then he started swimming around. I am hoping he will be compatable with a green wolf eel and a spiney box puffer. I was looking at purchasing them soon!

france - 2004-03-29
i bought a porcupine fish and they are addorable but keep puffing up cute france