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   This is a favorite among the puffers, probably because the Dog-faced Puffer or Black-spotted Puffer looks like such a nice guy, look at that face!
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Chip Kramer - 2011-09-20
We have a dog face puffer, Smiley, he was being harassed by a wrass who we have removed from the tank. Since then he has been hiding in the corners and has stopped eating krill. It almost seems he forgot how to eat. He must be eating snails in the tank as he doesn't look like he is starving. Now he comes up to the front of the tank like he used to when feeding and i can put krill in his open mouth but he wont eat the krill. should we be looking for different food?

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-09-21
    Some ideas on foods in the Animal World article on Dog Face Puffer. They like their meat so maybe just got tired of the same thing and wants a variety. Good suggestions and variety on feedong the puffer in the article though so please read. Thanks a bunch.
  • robert - 2012-01-26
    Hi I have a 7 inch stars and stripe puffer and eats anything but will not eat krill, but loves prawns and muscles and fresh squid. Even gets mouth fulls of coral sand like a gobby filtering it for food.
Rachel - 2010-11-20
Mrs.O'leary, our dog faced puffer fish, is very very sweet, not to mention smart. She always recognizes when it's feeding time and she also lets us hand feed her. Sometimes she will even pull her lips back to show her teeth, almost like she is smiling at us :) I would recommend this fish to anyone who is looking for a lovable addition to their tank.

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  • aj difuntorum - 2011-10-17
    awwwwe lucky I want one!!! :) also how many gallons is your tank? I'm planning on getting a 50 gallon
christy - 2011-04-27
OK, I have had my dog face puffer for a month now and like the others it would do its tricks. It was eating normal and then about a week later it stoped eating and he changed a little darker color and didn't swim. He just sat at bottom of tank. Then after a couple of days he was fine. Now he has changed a darker color than before and his eyes look gray like a blind eye. I am very worried. Do you know what this is or what I can do?

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-04-28
    From what I have read, puffers do change color so that would appear to be normal. When you say his "eyes look grey" I don't know. However, click on Fish Diseases and Ttreatment and fany of the symptoms match what you see onn you Puffer. If so, the recommended treatment is listed.
  • Shamrock Cox - 2011-09-12
    Dog face puffers don't like change. They do change color depending on there mood. My one will pose for the camera but if you hold it over him he will turn dark grey almost black. Young dog face are very timid and will off-tern sit on the bottom normally in a corner or under a power head ,however if they are swimming with their tails bent this is a sign of stress. Hope this is of help
Chris - 2011-01-24
Wonderful fish, mine, Rover, spits for food and will eat anything that I put in the tank, unfortunately my hand included which makes cleaning difficult.

Courtney Kaplan - 2010-11-05
My dog faced puffer fish Puffy is a sweet fish if you put your hand in his tank he would let you touch him. PUFFY ROCKS!

kala newton - 2010-06-02
Dogface puffers are carnivores.

- kala

Amy Baker - 2007-04-22
I recently got a dogface puffer and she is a sweetheart. We have her in a 75 gallon tank with live rock and several other fish and she does not bother any of them. She is very social and loves to be rubbed under her chin. She will swim up to the surface and turn on her side like she is telling us to pet her.

Amy 4/22/07

A CONNELL - 2006-04-09
Our dogface puffer is a little devil. He spouts water when he wants to be fed and he goes in the huff when you dont. We feed him on frozen whole mussle to keep his beak down but not all the time. He has a tank mate as well, a niger trigger with whom he gets along great with even though he is a 1/3 of his size. They both sleep together side by side.

Rusty Shackleford - 2006-03-21
We've had our Puffer for some time now. It is not a good idea to keep them in a tank with invertebrates. Our chocolate chip starfish fell victim to our puffer within a week. Other than that, they are very personable.

dana - 2006-03-09

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  • jada - 2010-04-06
    Do you like animals? I do they are so much fun.