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   Probably the most well known of the boxfish! The Cowfish, Longhorn Cowfish, or Long-horned Cowfish can be seen in almost every public aquarium. They are hardy and they love to eat!
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kyle - 2004-12-02
I had a longhorned cowfish for five years and then it suddenly died. The truth about the poison is that unless the fish is stressed or being attacked at the time of death it will not release the poison.

Sarah - 2004-08-25
Yes I have also heard that this fish will excert a poision if stressed. But they are very fun looking

Keisha - 2004-08-25
My longhorned cowfish is most unique fish I have ever seen. He is pleasant and fun to watch. I shared his picture with all my friend!

tennille - 2003-11-04
I have a long horned cow named pickle, but am worried because I have been told that if he dies my whole tank will die too as he is poisenous. But so far so good, and you guys say he is easy to keep. He is really friendly, and a very interesting fish.