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   Probably the most well known of the boxfish! The Cowfish, Longhorn Cowfish, or Long-horned Cowfish can be seen in almost every public aquarium. They are hardy and they love to eat!
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Hilal Bsat - 2009-12-30
Please I need to know what do a Long-horned Cowfish eats?

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  • Megan - 2010-08-23
    Cowfish will enjoy all kinds of foods including worms, snails, shrimp, various mussels, clams, tunicates, and fish.They are not very picky eaters and will quickly adapt to a variety of prepared aquarium foods and the occasional algae wafer. Flake food is not the best for them; even though they may eat it, puffers will not thrive on it.
  • goby7 - 2010-09-24
    They will eat a variety of food but mine prefers mysis shrimp.
Sian morris - 2010-03-25
I bought a tiny one but he got sucked into one of my pumps so bought one about 4", he is awesome and loves attention but he won't stop pecking at my anemone which is most annoying, also only has one horn does anyone know if the second will grow back ?

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  • d-man - 2010-07-20
    Depending on how long the one that got broken off is, as a longhorn cowfish gets older its horns will get shorter so they should even out.
Michael C - 2010-01-18
Hey all I just moved to florida and we have a bad cold spell which caused a bunch of fish to wash up on the shore. While walking down the beach we found a sole survivor. This guy was tough, who knows how long he sat in the sand. But what I do know is it took me over an hour to walk to the car and drive home. I got him a tank and torched it with my mix of salt in the water, then finally just went to the ocean and warmed that water up and put him in it. He layed on his side and upside down for about 10 hrs. I got up this morning and he was swimming around. They should change the name to indestructible fish! Anyway I have him now and he's the nicest friendly fish ever, everyone should have one! Love him. See ya all.

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  • Malia - 2010-05-06
    That's cool. Cowfish seem pretty strange but then very... special (in a good way of course). All though they have toxins and stuff in their flesh and can also release a toxin, I think it'd be cool to have one as a pet. Well that's all I can say for now. Buh-bye.[:
Jaimie - 2009-10-04
Hi everyone, had a cowfish about 2 years now. Was less than an inch when I got him, now just over eight. Eats like a horse. Predictably my six year old daughter named him moo..... Anyway, he eats from my hands, let's me pet him, follows me round the room, great! On the negative side, squirts me if I dont feed him and squirts while I'm out, leaving streaks on the tank and puddles on the floor. Worst of all, on at least 3 occasions when cleaning, dropped my gaurd and he decided I was food! In less than a second has managed to shred enough skin off my wrist, finger, and arm to draw blood. Shouldn't bite the hand that feeds you! Try telling him that...

vicky - 2009-07-31
We also have a cowfish called Charlie - only had him for a few months but already he's the main attraction in the tank! He eats out of your hand and if you go into the other room, he squeezes into one corner of the tank so he can actually still see you - we end up back in the other room to keep him company! Saw the comment about petting him - hmmm I'll have to give that a try! It's like having a 'puppy in a tank'. His latest trick is to annoy my boxer shrimp by swimming up to him really close... the shrimp then runs at him - he races off all excited then goes back and does it again!

Fernanda - 2009-06-17
Cowfishes are by far the coolest fish ever! We have one named helicopter that's been with us for 4 months, but already he has expressed himself to us. I've never seen a fish that actually has a personality. He is so brave and one can actually pet him. Yes he is great and does love to eat. He has parasites though, and doesn't let the cleaner wrasse or cleaner shrimp clean him. What should I do?

chris - 2006-04-29
The Cowfish is by far my all time favorite. He lives with a Porcupine, Valintine and a Box. They all get along fine. Cow is so tame, I can pet his head between the horns. He's never let out the poison. They grow very fast! and eat like a cow :) 2 years old and 3" tall x 6" long body plus another 2" tail fin. It would eat constanty, but when he starts to spit back food as he eats, he's full. Cowfish are the closest thing to having a "Real Pet you can play with". They like people, are easy to care for, and always are happy to see you!

Peter Wickert - 2005-12-26
I have had several Cowfish over the years and have found them to be a delight. No other fish expresses personality like a cowfish, they are so friendly. I have never been able to feed a Cowfish too much; they a perpetually hungry. When I have had Cowfish die in every instance it has been due to parasites brought into the take by a new addition and they have never released any poison. They are by far my favourite marine fish!

Josh - 2005-12-16
I have a longhorn cowfish named SPIKE. I have to sat that he/she is by far most simple fish to care for that I have ever had. He often begs for food and as we found out the other day gets very depressed when he can not see people. We have a blackout curtian on the tank due to to many windows in my place. we left it on a bit too long, and after taking it off Spike was dark in color and very reclusive. Also I think that it takes alot for them to release any toxin. Spike when we first got him got stuck in an intake and wound up breaking off one of his horns(it has since grown back) with no toxin release. Also he has chased a piece of food up the refugium intake and got his mouth stuck. He was stuck for atleast an hour before I noticed him (I have spike proofed the tank since then). He came out with a big hikky but again no toxin. We have also moved the tank and him without any toxin release. Needless to say I think that toxin release is very rare and most average aquarium stress will not be enough to provoke release.

ben crowson - 2004-12-19
i have kept cowfish for 20 years and i own a marine only shop and i have never seen a captive cowfish over 23cm. I had one who was called moo and lived like 10 years. all other captive cowfish only grew to around 20cm. moo lived in a 180 gallon tank with two clowns all his life and they were completely fine and super tame:)