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   The Longnose Hawkfish is one of the most popular of the hawkfish. They are a very interesting fish to watch and have very intricate and colorful markings. They have tufts (typical of hawkfish) on the dorsal fin rays and the nostrils.
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Liz - 2006-06-18
Very dominating of smaller fish in the tank and will attack invertebrates, it took a good chunk out of my starfish. It is a shame though as it is a beautiful fish to watch.

coree - 2012-01-14
Why don't you guys have a section for seahorses and pipefish? Some people might want one of those kind of fish.

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  • Anonymous - 2012-01-15
    That is a great idea and I totally agree. Stay tuned as these fish are in the works and coming soon!
Adam - 2005-11-23
Only had mine a few weeks but has settled in amazingly well and feeds from your hand. Extremely friendly and amusing when perching on turbo snails at the front of the tank eyeing up potential prey.

paul - 2007-02-02
this fish looks really cool, "caution" was eating live shrimp when I bought him and would not except frozen brine thereafter. also my pseudochromis chased him considerably upon his arrival and I feared that he would soon jump out of my tank but all is well now.