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   The Flame Hawkfish or Brilliant Red Hawkfish is a rather shy fish that does not adapt well to captivity. Their pretty color makes them sell well in pet shops even though they are usually expensive.
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mj moore - 2004-12-23
Ive always kept a flame hawk and never thought of them as shy or difficult to keep.mine is a hand feeder,but be aware of their tendancy to leap out of the tank...i lost one after 3 years that way...what a bust...These fish are quite personable and will add alot of personality to your tank.This one i call scooter-and on occasion he will rest on my hand as i do water changes...I would highly recommend this fish to any keeper...if you are new to the hobby...this one will win you over in no of luck...mj

Rach - 2004-04-14
My flame hawk is not at all shy he is my favourite fish and i call him flameo i love him so much ,he is an acrobat! HE LOVES following my fingers and he spends some of his time staring at me when were eating!!

Anonymous - 2004-04-06
This fish is by no means shy! If you check out any other site and look at his profile, it will tell you that these fish love people and will become very familiar with their owner. I love my little guy!

Stephan Holland - 2003-09-03
I am just getting back into saltwater fishkeeping after about 12 years. I now live in Guam and have been able to see many of the fish I used to own in their natural environment, including this guy! The flamehawk was my favorite fish when fishkeeping. Like any fish, pay a lot of attention to the individual when purchasing. My flame hawk had a great personality and was not shy at all. He would track your movements as you walked around the room, and if you tapped your finger in a corner of the tank, he would come down to investigate. This outwardness was noticeable at the store, so choose carefully!

john - 2003-08-07
I have had no problems with my Flame Hawkfish.He has been in my tank for three months and has adapted well to frozen foods and aquariam life.