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   The Falco Hawkfish or Dwarf Hawkfish is one of the most commonly seen of the hawkfish. They are a very interesting fish to watch and have very intricate and colorful markings. Although hard to see in the photo, they have bright yellow tufts (typical of hawkfish) on the dorsal fin rays.
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cliff - 2009-01-28
I have had my falco hawkfish for about 10 months. Pretty cool if its the last fish that you add to your tank... EVER! It does not like new fish added to the tank, or really new crabs either. Oh, and they are pretty tough to catch too. They seem much more aggresive than most web sites make you aware of.

Julie - 2008-06-12
YUP MINES A KILLER! Just pulled the whole tank apart to get him out! It's a shame because I really liked the little fella, had lots of personality!

C. Lewter - 2007-12-21
I purchased a Falco Hawk about a month ago. In that time I lost a Chromis, shrimp, numerous snails and what ever else he killed. Not to mentioned all of the bites my Coral Beauty and my Dragon Wrasse sustained. That last straw was when my Dragon Wrasse (Beast) wouldn't come out to eat. He now resides in the fish store. Please be careful with these guys, they can be crazy!

pat - 2007-09-05
My falco hawkfish named "B.A.M.F." is so awesome. When he doesnt look mad, he reminds me of a patient, yet ticked off Rambo. He looks about ready to kill a Vietnamese army with one arrow. Angrily eats ghost shrimp, but i dont know how he is with cleaners.

matt mackinnon - 2006-04-10
My dwarf hawk fish has systematically killed all of its tank mates in the last 3 months including a percula clown, firefish, pseudochromis, and red sea-star. Be sure to keep it well-fed!

Lilleah West - 2006-02-12
my falco hawk has been easy to care for and simply a joy. i wanted to comment on how mine is with shrimp. i have a full grown coral banded and skunk cleaner in the tank (23 gallons by the way) and he has NEVER bothered them, in fact my skunk shrimp has tried to clean him and my hawkfish has darted away from the shrimp scared. i don't know if this is normal or if i got really lucky with my falco hawk. keep in mind that in this case the shrimp are bigger than the hawk fish, this could be why it has worked, because i have put some small ghost shrimp in there and my falco went mad trying to catch them!

David Johnson - 2004-03-02
I am rather new to the saltwater hobby, (13 months),so I am still learning about new species and their compatibility. One such species I was very impressed with was the Falco Hawkfish. I enjoyed watching this fish sit on my live rock and watch his environment like a little old man. My joy lasted all of two weeks as one by one my turbo snails started to go from active tank cleaners to empty shells. Two additional weeks past and my "bad feeling" about my new pet was confirmed when my beloved cleaner shrimp disappeared. I still think the hawk was cool but, BEWARE. Please read all info on this site on compatibility BEFORE you get one, unless you will not keep ANY TYPE of snail or shrimp.

john - 2003-11-08
The info i got from your site was great.
You told me everything i needed to know.....thanks