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   The Black Ribbon Eel seen above is a juvenile. The Blue Ribbon Eel is bright blue with a yellow mouth and is the adult color of a mature male black ribbon eel. A female Ribbon Eel is yellow.
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someone - 2007-11-05
I had my eel for over three years! He has a strong and rich color. At first he would'nt eat. Then I fed him some goldfish and guppies with a little garlic solution. It had worked and now I feed him the same thing to this very day.

Anonymous - 2006-09-28
I have a blue ribbon, he is about 4 feet. i feed mine baby feeder guppies live, and now he is eating sliversides. I will tell you that in 15 years i have never seen one eat, and have lost one due not eating. If you are lucky enough to find one eating, you are lucky. Ghost eels almost always will eat live grass shrimp

Tammy Perryman - 2006-09-13
I have a ghost ribbion eel that is doing very well and has never had a problem eating. He likes to eat krill, also eats every day.
tammy perryman

stefan - 2006-08-31
I bought a blue ribbon eel as an impulse buy. The eel did not eat for almost 1 month and had started to loose its beautiful colour. iwas sure he was going to die. i tried all types of frozen foods, live food was not an option as my lionfish would eat them too quickly. I bought a piece of plastic sheet to seperate the lionfish from the eel and tried small goldfish and after 2 atempts he cornered the goldfish and gobbled him up. One week later i had him eating frozen fish(white bait i think?) from a skewer stick and have removed the plastic sheet. This eel requires alot of patience and effort to acclimatise.

karla - 2006-07-10
I've had a blue ribbon for several months now. I have not been able to get him to eat frozen foods but he has taken to live island silversides quite well and eating on a regular basis. This is about every other day. It is a very hard eel to get eating and would not recommend this eel to everyone.

steve - 2005-05-25
I had success starting my blue ribbon eel on fozen Krill. I made him a rock house with almost no openings so it was dark inside, and I went through the initial adaptation process with no other fish in the tank. Each evening with the tank lights off, I would present the eel with a completely thawed krill on a skewer. After two weeks of waving the krill in front of his nose, he finally ate it. After this, feeding was no problem. I fed him every 2-3 days and he was healthy for several years.

thedominant1 - 2005-02-23
Its best to get them when there babys because they get used to you quicker and they will adapt faster.

daniel - 2005-02-06
I have had my blue ribbon eel for about one year now. For the first few weeks I tried to feed it ghost shrimp with no success. I then tried medium size gold fish, which he gobbled up. I fed him one every 3-5 days. Recently he went about three weeks without eating. I went through a ton of feeder fish, then I tried small feeder fish and now he eats 1-2 fish a day. He is my favorite animal in my 180 reef tank.

Patrick - 2005-01-17
my black ribbon, is turning blue, he is eating large 3-4inch gold fish every other day. I started the eel on small feeders. He is the most amazing fish in my tank. if your having problems try hand feeding. it helps at first.

mark - 2004-09-06
i have one in my daughters tank. the tank is a 29 gallon and i have had no problems. it eats the salt water feeders that i place in there. as far as going several weeks with out food, mine needs to be fed at least 3 small fish about every 2-3 days. it has acclimated very well and does not bother the other fish i have. the funny thing is that my percula and dwarf angel actually herd the feeders to the eel. the dwarf angel sleeps with it also.