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The True Percula Clownfish is a favorite of many marine aquarists, and it now comes in more than 5 different varieties!
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matthew - 2004-03-14
I love these fish, but I am not quite sure if they are easy or not.

lvt - 2003-11-23
i just recently got a percula and i think they are awesome! Finding Nemo was great and made me decide to get my own nemo.

Lizzi - 2003-10-02
Seeing all of the clownfish makes me think of "Finding Nemo".

Anonymous - 2003-09-27
Perculas are great fish to own, their symbiosis with the anenome is an interesting addition to a marine tank. Happy Fishkeeping!!!!!!!

cory - 2003-09-02
my name is cory and i think clownfish are cut.

Tina - 2003-08-07
Perculas are great! Happy little additions to almost any s/w tank! Mine were tank raised, and are absolutely the most friendly little guys ive ever seen! Easy to feed, easy to keep clean! 10 out of 10 as a Pet!!

jammie woods - 2003-07-29
i love my clownfish. i want 2 keep them 4 evr!!!!