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The Saddleback Clownfish is quite distinctive, it looks just like a fish with a "saddle"!
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Thomas Herrick - 2012-10-17
Saddleback Clownfish are an amazing fish to keep. Being one of the larger species of Clownfish (Such as Clarkii's or Maroon's) they're not particularly picky about what anemone to host. I have an interbreeding pair of a female Saddleback clown, and a male Clarkii Clown, hosting a Condylactis anemone. Now, keep in mind that being a larger clownfish species, they are also a little bit more aggresive than other species (Percula, Ocellaris, Snowflakes.) If you're aiming to interbreed, be strategic. Refer to species of fish that have the same relative body shape, and aggression. Overall Benefits of keeping a Saddleback : 10!! Very interesting fish, with a very interesting personality!

Ruth - 2010-12-30
Blimey, they don't attack? Mine do! They are particularly picky about where rocks and artifacts are placed within their tank. But they are worth it! They are stunning fish and fascinating to watch as they bob up and down.

Carrie - 2006-03-22
Tank bred sandlebacks seem to be the easiest to keep. Wild caught, like the pink skunks don't do well. They will host a Heteractis Magnifica (Ritteri) anemone with glee! Even the captive bred like the captive bred tomatos have an STRONG need to host something! (even a mushroom rock!) Very easy to get to host like the tomato but the different coloring makes them a welcome change! Though I read they get dark as they age, this is yet to be seen as mine are only 6 months old. They have a similar aggression as tomatos, but not mean like the cinnamon or maroon. They do not attack my hand when by their anemone! Though they are not as calm as the perculas and skunks.