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The Maroon Clownfish is a one-of-a-kind, strikingly beautiful but can be “meaner than a junkyard dog”!
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Felipe Ramirez - 2010-12-01
I love My maroon Clown he gets along with everyone!
- Yellow Eyed Tang
-Lemon Peel angel
-Maroon Clown
-3 Green Chromies
-Royal Gamma
-Purple and White Goby
Hope this helps! 95 gallon Corner Bow front Reef tank.

Now the question is..... how can I add a friend, determine the sex, and or figure out how to find the mate for him? Any suggestions and I don't have anemone because I'm afraid it will sting my Coral. Any Comments greatly appreciated!

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  • aelun - 2011-06-12
    If you want to determine the sex add another clownfish to the tank, the same species as the one you already have. All clowns are born male but when they find another clown or group of clowns the biggest becomes the female and she will mate then when she dies the next biggest clown becomes female etc etc.
  • aelun - 2011-06-12
    The captive anemone will only sting or attack if it is stressed, scared, feels threatened, or if you haven't fed it for a long time.
  • alice - 2012-04-17
    Anamone fish can live up to 18 years.
  • Jeremy Roche - 2012-04-18
    In a well fed and with pristine conditions this should be an issue.
  • Bill Vasalofsky - 2012-09-30
    This is advice is generally good for any clown fish. If you put two of them in the same tank and they are any where close to the same side, then one will kill the other. If you put a really small one in with a really big one, then eventually when the small one sexually matures it will become the male, and the big one will become the female. There's a little wiggling dance that they will do when the change is taking place. When you add an anemone to the tank with a Maroon, or any clown fish, they get super hyper. This is probably when they are most aggressive against other fish who are not clowns.
Amanda - 2006-01-14
Beautiful, hardy fish but VERY aggressive.
My girl holds her own against the blue devils and other damsels; in fact, THEY leave her alone which is a change from them generally picking on other fish.
Great for a beginner clown if you don't want one of the "nemo" types and would like something a little more bold both in color and attitude.

Just remember to NEVER use a net should you need to capture or move this fish; their cheekspines will get snagged on the mesh and that can cause pretty bad injuries to the fish.

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  • aelun - 2011-06-12
    If any other fish goes near their anemone they will chase it away as the anemone is their territory if you will. My maroon clown named coral won't let anything near her anemone.
MIKEY - 2006-01-23
A very hardy fish and awesome to watch and lose yourself. playful when they have a bubble anemone to play in. Mine killed one of my "nemo" clowns that i got when i was a novice. still strong and still the best looking fish that i have.

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  • aelun - 2011-06-12
    If clowns are not introduced at the same time they will fight if there's more clowns than anemones they will fight over it unless they're a mating pair.
Ashley - 2010-10-01
Very beautiful and full of personality, but they can (and will) start acting like spoiled brats sooner or later! My clown Moe took to frogspawn instead of an anemone and won't let anything near it. if I move a rock by it no matter what the size, he'll move it away from the frogspawn and to his liking. He's lucky he's cute!

Louis Aube - 2010-07-16
Mine likes to hang around in a bubble tip Anemone. If you place a new rock or move a rock any where near the Anemone he/she will knock that rock out of the way no matter the size. I have never seen anything with such power in an aquarium.

cameron - 2007-03-05
they are great fish to watch, they have so much character and personality. they live in my bubble tip anemone but be warned they are VERY aggressive. the female attacks my hand when i try to touch anything near my anemone. although she is very tame. she snatches the food out of my hands. in australia they arent so cheap. i payed $100 for my pair but they are WORTH EVERY DOLLAR.

schar1 - 2004-03-06
very pretty fish for a reef system..But very aggressive....

Ron - 2003-08-20
Definitely one of the best looking clowns available. In my area the price for maroons runs high (20+ range), but it is well worth it. He (or she) is entertaining to watch, and a good addition to the tank. Easily takes to a maroon (aka Ritteri) anemone.