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Will the real Nemo please swim forward!  Yes, the Ocellaris or False Percula Clownfish is the real Nemo!
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Tyler - 2006-03-22
ie had my 2 false percs for a while now. ive had one for about 9 months and the other for about 6. they are doing great in my 30 gal semi reef tank. when i have new additions, they do seem a little nosey and show which part of the tank is theirs. they do eat anything and everything they can that i put in. my pearly jaw even has a little bit of a competition on getting misis when i put it in. i do say they are greedy eaters. but they are fairly nice and arent too aggressive. they are the perfect clownfish speices to have. they get along with many additions such my scooter blenny. depending on your clownfishes personality depends on what you can put in and what the most likly tank mates can be

Stu - 2004-05-05
My 2 I have can become quite territorial and bold. The female commonly nips at my hand when I need to get in the tank. But truely a captivating species.

Rach - 2004-04-23
I have a pair of Tropical Marine Centre black percula clowns and the female is quite boisterous and fights our beautiful flameback angelfish.The male is perfectly cool.

Trevor - 2003-08-17
I dont find these fish aggresive at all Ive had them before, for 2-3 years and have never found them aggresive. In fact Ive had them being picked on and or just left alone.