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cory - 2005-10-10
This fish is very territorial. Frequently found attacking any fish regardless of size. This fish will stress out all other fish. Its so bold that it will attack the owners hand that goes near its "spot". For this reason, I recommend a tank that is longer. This way other fish have less of a chance of going by its "spot" and getting attacked by it.

They like caves and do fine without a sea anemone.

Rodrigo - 2005-06-09
This is a great fish and is one of the easiest clown fish. I bought it when I was initiated into the marine fish tanks. I really recommend this clown fish to all types of marine hobbyists.

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Jack - 2005-04-13
Good active little character who loves chasing bubbles up and down. Good buddy with my Foxface and a great appetite.

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Andrew B. - 2005-04-08
I have just set up my first marine aquarium, and thanks to all the helpful hints on your page, its doing swimmingly!

ashlee - 2005-01-20
clownfish are so cool, i want one!

Math Wiz - 2005-01-13
Your site is so cool!

Anonymous - 2004-12-22
There is a lot of people that encourage others to buy clown fish because of a movie that they saw and are really clueless about how much knowledge goes into owning one of these fish. I suggest researching EVERYTHING that goes into owning a clown fish BEFORE buying one so that the same thing that happened with the dalmation dogs after the movie "101 Dalmations" came out doesnt happen with clown fish and "Finding Nemo". If you are thinking about a clown fish, do yourself and the fish a favor and research them at Go to the forum "New to the Hobby" and ask questions! Also, get a book and read it!

Nikki - 2004-12-13
clown fishes are so cute i wish i could get one

ken - 2004-09-14
Ive been an aquarium hobbiest for fifteen years and have been keeping salt water for six years. I do believe that any animal should not be kept unless you know how, and are willing to properly take care of them. However when my two year old baby girls face lights up and shines when she sees a clownfish. You know shes going to have one. And if she calls her Nemo, thats ok.

Archie - 2004-09-13
One of the easiest marine fish to keep.
Especially if its captive bred. Worth having a tank just for these guys.
Eat everything offered and are very Hardy to water conditions.


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