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The Rainford's Butterflyfish is quite beautiful but is a poor eater, consequently it is very difficult to keep in the aquarium!
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Linnea Rainford - 2007-03-05

My name is Linnea Rainford (just like the fish!). When I first heard about this fish, I was amazed! It seems that not only is my last name the name of a town in England (The Town of Rainford), and the Rainford University, but now a fish too! This fish is an absolutely fascinating subject. I have a huge love for pet fish, and am the very proud owner of several freshwater fish tanks. Being only 15 years old, I'm not exactly rich, but I would love to start a salt-water fish tank. I will be very happy if I can find a petstore (in Ontario) where I could start a saltwater tank for cheap.

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  • julio mendez - 2011-07-12
    Linnea, my name is Julio Mendez. I live very far from Ontario. Miramar Fl. I have been doing this 20+ years dont know if you ever set up your saltwater tank. But if you did butterflys they arer very challenging fish. I personally like them just because of that challenge. But anyway when it comes to butterflys make sure to see the fish eating before purchasing.