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The Peppered Butterflyfish is a pretty little thing... sprinkled with pepper-like spots!
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EUGENE THERON - 2007-07-26
how lucky can you be? I caught a gorgeous gussy at The Heads Knysna (month January 2007). No problem with teaching it to eat. Also a handnet and snorkel and goggles. Thank you. EUGENE

Kevin Jordan - 2003-09-06
Very pleased to say that i captured a specimen of this butterfly.
location : Durban, North Pier, South Africa.
Date of capture : 31st August 2003.
Size : approx 6cm in length.
Method of capture : Snorkel,mask and hand held net. Regulations here do not allow for capture of fish with scuba gear. ( licence is required to capture and keep local marine specimens )

comment : Local name as per Smiths Fishes is a Gorgeous Gussy. I put the fish into my main display tank shortly after arriving home from the dive, within two hours the fish was pecking at the Tetra-bits i had put in the tank.
The following morning the fish was eating a bit of the Tetra-bits, six days later he has made his presence in the tank well known to the other occupants and fights vigorously
for food.

Kevin Jordan
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