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Charlie TAN - 2006-05-21
amazed by their peaceful temperement. they are carnivorous and hard to start their feed. but provided with a lot of live rock i think my raccoon can stay without feed for sometime. I have difficulty feeding my fish
so i keep adding live rock and just 1 fish at the moment until i can feed it. One
succumbed to disease before with slime and respitory problems, no effect from medicines like anti protozoa and copper. at last cured by a new medicine remedie by OCEAN FREE, herbal O formula, product of Malaysia.

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andrew james pole - 2005-12-16
i think people should buy emperor angelfish and koran angelfish as adults 8 inches. they will be very dark in colour since they have come from the wild at that size. growing juveniles will never be nice in colour but still worth the dear money-

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garret - 2003-11-16
these fish are great! your website really helped me out. thanks a bunch!

Allison - 2003-11-16
Mertens Butterflyfish are great! From your web page i got the info. on a report for my science teacher, and a great fish to match. i will visit this site more often. thank you animal-world!
-Allie R.

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Dustin - 2003-10-12
Thanks for all of the great information on marine fish! Keep up the good work

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Kevin Jordan - 2003-09-06
Very pleased to say that i captured a specimen of this butterfly.
location : Durban, North Pier, South Africa.
Date of capture : 31st August 2003.
Size : approx 6cm in length.
Method of capture : Snorkel,mask and hand held net. Regulations here do not allow for capture of fish with scuba gear. ( licence is required to capture and keep local marine specimens )

comment : Local name as per Smiths Fishes is a Gorgeous Gussy. I put the fish into my main display tank shortly after arriving home from the dive, within two hours the fish was pecking at the Tetra-bits i had put in the tank.
The following morning the fish was eating a bit of the Tetra-bits, six days later he has made his presence in the tank well known to the other occupants and fights vigorously
for food.

Kevin Jordan
Email :


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