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The Coral Beauty Angelfish truly is a "beauty"... and a favorite of many marine hobbyists!
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Moses - 2007-04-05
Its a great fish to have. It is very aggressive twords my yellow-tailed damsels when they get in its territory. I had it for 8 months so far and it pretty much eats everything I give it. It loves to eat algae! It sometimes swims with my False Percula Clown fish. Its a very active fish. Its an awesome fish to have.

mike E - 2006-10-03
I have recently seen and photographed my coral beauties spawning!!!

Truly awesome!

Stacey - 2005-04-04
you guys are awsome with info. Because I had to do a report on a salt water fish and you guys gave me the info right away!you guys rock!