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   The Blue-faced Angelfish is one of the most beautiful angelfish in the ocean, making any artist envious!
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briteny17 - 2008-02-29
This i so awesome, it helped me with my project!

Apurva - 2005-11-29
One of my favourites! And one property you cant forget about him is he is very very intelligent. He even identifies the owner and will eat out of his hand. Try kissing him through the glass and he will kiss you back! Very good fish to have!

Anonymous - 2004-02-24
they r pretty.

Scott - 2009-03-22
Very hardy marine fish and very easy to keep. It is not reef safe but is ok with soft corals in my tank and spits water out when you open the hood of the tank.

Dave Rich - 2007-10-05
Great fish and in my opinion it is quite easy to keep. I put mine straight in with a grumpy emperor and a personifer angel and it turned out he can hold his own, even though he's so much smaller!

najmiey - 2005-01-11
I like my blue face very much. They are excellent and their colouration is marvelous.

rick wheeler - 2003-09-05
My blue face angel does very well. the secret to keeping
one is to watch it at the pet store for a week or two.
If it keeps its color after 2 weeks, its usually ok. I
keep a emperor, blue face, and yellow bar together, and
the blue face is my favorite.