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mike - 2012-09-05
Does any one now why my bicolour angel has lost all of its colour from the rear and only has the blue stipe through the eye left.  I've had this fish a year now the colour dissapeard 4 months ago, it seems healthy and happy and feeds well.

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  • Jeremy Roche - 2012-09-05
    They will change a bit as they age.  Water quality changes and stress can also cause a change in color.
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John - 2012-08-15
I have a 2.5' long baby French Angel that I caught while snorkeling on a jetty at Padre Island, TX. I have it in a 20gal. Natural Gulf Tank (local live rock, natural local live sand, and natural Gulf seawater). It seems to be doing great and acclimated rapidly to my aquarium and recognizes me just two weeks after catching it! I love French Angels, they are so beautiful and fascinating.

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angelica - 2005-03-03
They are very good pets!

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Donovan H - 2012-05-17
Will they get along with watchmen gobys or firefish gobys?

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  • Jeremy Roche - 2012-05-18
    Should be fine. Every fish has it's own tempermate though.
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WaltC. - 2012-01-18
I have a large sailfin tang in my tank with 7 Blue-Green Chromis, a Niger Trigger (added last), Ocellaris Clownfish, Blue Spotted Sandsifting Goby, Black Top Butterfly,and an Anemone in a 75 gal. with a couple of Soft Soral. I plan on getting a Lemon Peel Angelfish and a Kole Tang, will this combination work?

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  • Editor's Note - 2012-01-19
    Sounds like a fun group! To answer your question, I would say no. This is why.... a Lemon Peel angelfish needs all the algae it can get that is naturally growing on your live rock. They also need some mysis and other meaty foods, but 70% to 80% of it's intake is the algae growing on live rock. Your Sailfin Tang, I am sure keeps your algae under control, and would irritate the Lemon Peel Angelfish to the point of aggression or starvation of the Lemon Peel. The Lemon Peel may also make short work of some of your corals.

    Kole Tangs, IMO are a better choice since they will eat the detritus and some algae as well. A Kole Tang may be a victim of harassment in a 75 with a Sailfin Tang and a Lemon Peel in the same tank. Again,as for the Lemon Peel Angelfish, it is a gamble with your corals, but it may be okay, just that Centropyge really need the natural algae.

    Hope that helps and maybe you can illuminate to us the reason for your interest in these two fish.
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Nigel Rigby - 2006-04-18
I bought an Indian Yellow Tail or 'Cream' Angelfish 8 weeks ago and I have to say he is a real charachter. He feeds on most things - vitamin enriched brine and mysis shrimp, together with most types of prepared sea weeds. 'He' also grazes constantly off algae in my mini reef.

One word of caution - he thinks he owns the tank!! he tolerates my pair of true percula anemonoefish (in the tank before him), but 'bullies' my purple fire fish and vermiculated leopard wrasse (added after).

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Anonymous - 2009-12-06
I have had a Flagfin Angelfish for about a year now in a 70 gallon FOWLR; no problems whatsoever. Took live foods to get him to eat and eventually got him to eat frozen and now eats all food types even pellets. Very friendly fish and is always out swimming in the open.

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Anonymous - 2004-02-24
they r pretty.

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PAUL WILLIAMS - 2006-11-14
Be prepared for quick growth, easily tamed and a fish with a lot of character. Important to try and give a varied diet and reap the rewards of having a strong fish, disease resistant and visually happy.

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  • MACHO - 2012-03-10
    i have a koran angel and a blue face angel in a 72 bow front but i can have a bigger tank in my house will they be okay
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John - 2011-03-08
I had never seen a Gold Spangled Angelfish in the twenty years I have been maintaining a marine tank, so when I saw one in a St. Louis marine aquarium store, I had to buy it. The fish was extremely expensive ($350), and is the most I ever paid for a fish.
The fish is absolutely gorgeous and is a good tankmate with the other fish. He has an excellent appetite, and appears to be flourishing in the 2 months I have owned him. I will keep my fingers crossed.

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  • David Brough - 2012-01-30
    I have seen them in wholesalers aquariums, they really are beautiful, I hope they are really hardy. Keeping my fingers crossed too!

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