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fish boy - 2011-03-11
Give him a name!

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craig scott - 2009-03-17
This angel is a true stunner. My tank has been set up for 6 months and I use tap water, and this angel has thrived in my tank. He lives with a regal, cream, queen, majestic, emperor, flame angelfish and lives with a powder blue, regal, purple, and yellow tang.

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  • nick - 2010-04-08
    How large is your tank?
  • Dustin - 2011-03-07
    Better be at least a 1000 gallons or he is asking for death.
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Ashley - 2011-01-22
All dwarf angels I've had (flame, coral beauty, and now bicolor named Bandit) are by far some of the most beautiful and playful of any of the smaller marine fish, but can also be tough for beginners and are actually quite dingy. Bandit won't stop swimming over to my maroon clownfish Moe's territory, to which he nips like crazy, but it never clicks and does it again. Dwarf angels are beautiful and fun fish to have, yet they sometimes make me wonder if the lights are on but nobodys home when it comes to this particular species.

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coolman - 2010-04-17
i have a 5 inch red sea regal angel that is a great fish and eats fine, he lives with a zebra moray, damsel, yellow tang and sailfin in a 85 gallon aquarium

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  • Dave - 2011-01-19
    coolman-Did you have to do anything special to coax the fish to eat when you first got it?
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Patrick - 2007-09-22
I have one and find it to be docile as well, though I only have one angel. I want a flame or coral beauty, but I think 72 gallons is too small. It does eat everything, but my other fish get theirs too. It has a great personality and whenever someone approaches the tank it is right there looking back at you as if you are on display.

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  • David Mackwell - 2010-11-09
    72 gallons is a good size for 2 dwarf angels but be careful when looking for your flame they are fussy eaters, plus ask the pet shop to show you it feeding, good luck, David.
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soldier1stclass - 2010-10-06
According to most websites, the flagfin angelfish is "difficult" level. We added one into our tank, around 4", and it got along just fine with all other fishes. It acclimated well and eats frozen food. He's not aggressive, but swims very fast and that sometimes scares other fishes (maybe because he is the biggest in size). Other than that, he's one beautiful addition to the tank. Not as difficult as I expected...

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topbanana - 2010-09-29
Mine has been great, was very thin when bought, so tried a tiny bit of formula one flake within 5 mins of going into tank, had it away, and is getting bigger and bigger by the day. Eats anything and everything. He /she made instant friends with my cinnibar clownfish, and they are always together.

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jessica - 2010-03-01
Queen angelfish are beautiful! Doing a report on it in earth science!

Tyrese - 2010-02-23
I am loving the Queen Angelfish it's the name of my report.

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jim - 2010-01-23
I've had mine for 5 months. I've also had him in 3 different tanks. My fish was a bit of a soccer hooligan. He wasn't so much dangerous as just annoying to the other fish. But if you have an algae problem, this fish is for you. Very good at algae control, but I wouldn't mix him with docile fish. Easy to keep and adapts quickly. I use him for algae control, that's why I've had him with so many different fish and tanks.


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