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FaJaun Chef Fairrow - 2014-10-12
Hello I'm really liking my Keyhole Angel also, I've had him a month he is shy and will come out to eat but when he see's people he goes back into hiding, but he gets along very well with my Domino Damsel, I'm gonna add a Kole yellow eye tang,or Tomini tang or two spot bristletooth tang I'm not sure yet.

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Anonymous - 2014-09-06
Hi I have emperor 3 years ago and it refuse eating suddenly help me please answer what is reason and What I should do to make it eat again

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  • Clarice Brough - 2014-09-07
    These beautiful angelfish are omnivores, and eat a wide variety of foods in the wild. Adults in captivity do tend to be a picky, more so than juveniles. Try mixing up its food types, for example, try offering it some live mysis shrimp. Target feeding it may also help.
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Jonas - 2014-05-23
Hello Can I have a flame angel with a koran angel in the same tank as a 500 Lt? Some of you have any experience?

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  • E.Holmes - 2014-08-25
    I would say probably just because the flame angel is a dwarf and the koran is not, but be careful. If they are close to the same size they may be aggressive towards each other.
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Brett - 2014-07-08
I bought a 2' white stripe tank raised. This little guy is very territorial and chases fish twice his size if they swim by 'his' shell. Don't keep them with shrimp or small brittle stars. Anything that moves in and outside of the tank he has to check out. Eats everything I have offered and quickly learned to recognize me as the food source, pacing the front glass when I am in the room. This fish will stress out most passive tank mates with the speed of his eating to the point they will not feed or get enough food. I have only had him for a month but he has already become my favorite fish.

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Rick - 2012-11-08
I bought my Emperor Angelfish about 2 months ago and since day 1 he/she has been happy. Its a 2 inch juvenile that rooms with a coral beauty/Bi-color Angelfish, Yellow tang, 2 clowns, 2 Blennys, and a engineer/Firefish Goby. 150 IBS of live rock with plenty of hiding spots and plenty of flow/filtration with only Rodi water changes. The only downside to this scenario is that while my Juvenile leaves my soft/hard corals alone, its only in a 75 gallon reef tank which I will have to upgrade to 150 Gallon sometime soon! Have tests for everything you could think of, took a while to master keeping levels accurate however the satisfaction of figuring it out shows in my fish and my corals! Just hoping Juvenile still will mature and turn to adult colors in this scenario before I eventually change to 150 Gallon in the next year or so.. Completely love this Emperor, lots of personality already!!

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  • Collecting Clownfish - 2012-11-28
    Glad to know you will be putting him in a larger tank and you are watching water parameters! Good for you! So many people buy these beautiful fish and wonder why they die in only 2 to 4 years. It is all due to stress and small tank size. If you can afford closer to 200 gallons that would be even better but minimum really is 180 gallons.... old literature seems to undersize tanks for these big fish, but you seem to really love your angelfish, so just something to think about! (being big eaters and poopers a larger tank is actually easier to keep balanced too and I am all for that with my own tank!) Oh, the coloring they get as adults is more intense if the tank is very large from what I understand. Have fun!!
  • Rick - 2013-04-20
    I'm asking for trouble! So far everything is still great, my juvenile emperor is as happy per my last e-mail along with another roommate.. lol. Not my fault, friend of mine went crazy and bought a Juvenile Blue angel after only having his set up running for 3 months and his Juvenile Blue angel almost died however I put him in my quarentine tank for about 1 week and he looked good then I got stupid and decided to put him in my main tank and to my surprise there was no aggression towards my Juvenile Emperor (same size) or my Dwarf angels/Yellow Tang, I know in time this will change.. My wife is going to kill me but I must upgrade to a bigger tank very soon instead of a couple years.... ughhhhhhh... I actually run 2 skimmers and a Aquafuge2 refugium on the back of my 75 gallon reef tank and all levels are near perfect! I also do 5 gallon water changes every week.. However that being said, my days are numbered for this beautiful set up I have spent so much time on.
  • Rick - 2013-05-11
    My upgrade is done. I have recently transferred all my livestock over to a 210 Gallon aquarium. My juvenile emperor & Blue angel will be happy now! I also still have a yellow tang, coral beauty, bi-color angel, pygmy angel, neon & orchid dottyback, engineer goby, firefish goby, 2 clown fish and many different corals. Now I need more live rock!!!
  • Rick - 2014-07-07
    Back again, my last reply was in 2012 on this blog. I'm just touching base and updating anyone who cares to listen that my Emperor Angel that I purchased almost 2 years ago (as a Juvenile 2 inches) is now almost 6 inches and finally turning into adult colors. For those of you who get this Angel small you better be patient and educate yourself every day about this hobby and your fish. Since my last reply I decided to upgrade to a 210 reef in 2013 and used my 75 gallon as a sump (DIY sump). I then purchased a Calcium Reactor not long after that and last but not least purchased a very strong and capable skimmer (Up to 500 gallons). OMG, I think I stare at my skimmer more then my main display tank, lol.. Anyhow my Emperor is doing great and my Blue Angel (Introduced at same time as Emperor) has already changed over to adult colors and is beautiful! I also have a yellow Tang, 2 clowns, engineer goby, Bi-color angel, Pygmy angel, 6 line wrasse, neon dottyback, and 3 chromis that all live in harmony. Granted my Blue angel and Emperor tend to argue sometimes but nothing to dramatic, lol.. I also have numerous SPS corals growing along with some hammers and birdsnest corals which none of these fish touch. It took over 3 years to accomplish this and it definitely didn't happen over night. I spent a lot of money (Ask my wife) and countless hours googling/educating myself on all factors of this hobby and carma eventually comes around but my god did I have my fair share of issues! I made the mistake of buying a used 210 and tested it with water filled for 48 hours and no signs of a leak then after tank had been active for 3 months I came home from dinner to water leaking out of my 210 an inch every hour! OMG, thank god I didn't start my 75 gallon sump yet.. I was very lucky and never lost any fish or coral and then purchased tank brand new and now its been running over a year now with no issues. Well, that's my story. I hope all of you that take the time to read this and are passionate about this hobby will understand the importance of being patient and letting things work it self out, take care my reef maniacs and until next time enjoy that small bit of the Atlantic/Pacific Ocean we can dream of putting in our home!
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Fishnerd2000 - 2014-04-25
Ok so I recently got a decent sized coral beauty for my 55 gal and he did great for the first day but on the third day he started break out from marine velvet I know how to treat velvet I think but tell me anyways cause I'm not sure. Also he broke out with ick which is easy to take care of but I'm borrowing a 10 gal quarantine tank and how long should I keep him in there and is there other ways to treat marine velvet besides formoulin chemical please help?

Roxy - 2010-03-09
We just added a powder blue tang to our tank and our coral angel killed it within three days! It has no trouble with the other fish. I'm a bit apprehensive to add any new fish to our tank in case he kills them. Is this normal?

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  • Timdeb Feeser - 2011-12-08
    What is the size of your tank,I to have experienced this problem and the answer to mine was there wasn't enough space in the tank.
  • Fishnerd2000 - 2014-04-14
    I'm just guessing that first of all you probably need a bigger tank and possibly should have added the coral beauty last.
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Aboozar Bahmani - 2013-09-22
Having a bright yellow color, this fish gives your tank a nice look. Had the fish for one week so far it has not accepted any food, but picking on micro algae. hope I can keep it

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JFK - 2013-08-13
I disagree with many of the conclusions, I got a extra large queen angelfish which is 6-7 inches in a 30 gallon half circle quarantine tank: 100x flow, two Maxi Jet 1200 in circulation mode facing downward 1300GPH each, using sure grip magnets, left and right corners, top, and back. Two Maxi jet 400's as power heads on the surface to the left and right of Reef Octopus Lx2000s skimmer running Ozone and a controller. Two watts per gallon actinic 03 and 10K, 20watts at night of actinic 03 on the floor behind tank as a night light (less stress which kills them) Variance for ORP probes are 21 to 24 millivolt tested in a 450mv solution, so running at ORP of 425 is really about 400mv which is one percent bacteria, no phosphates or nitrates, 'none'. I dose Red Sea foundation, colors, energy, and algae management for phosphate and nitrate, and replace 1/2 cup of carbon each day for residual ozone. The LX2000s it not supposed to run with any back pressure so the carbon bag is carefully put on upper shelve of water return coming up from the base of skimmer (above blue sponge compartment). I had to keep adjusting flow, find something that worked in a 27 high, 27 wide, half circle. When I finally ran Maxi Jet 1200's in circulation mode on top left and right corners downward, the ozone ran longer but the water was properly circulating as with returns from a sump which I do not use. The Red Sea X-Nitrate and X-Phosphate was the last addition, it says it prevents nuisance algae. I also had to use NO ICH marine for months, finally doubling dose, dosing twice a day, probably because of skimmer running Ozone and Carbon. It finally worked. Brine shrimp plus and anything from Ocean Nutrition it will eat (frozen, pellets, and flake food). It's in a tank with mushroom corals, encrusting corals, a baby trigger fish, damsel, and one small and large turbo snail, no problems.

RJH - 2013-06-17
I had a extra large one years ago (Queen Angelfish) in a 110 gallon community tank, lots of live rock, bright lights, lot's of flow and skimming, I used Ozone with a controller at 390mv. I tried 5 inch large adult Queen Angelfish and both died (, terrible experiences. I finally went to circulation pumps (Maxi jet 400, 600, and 900) downward flow 1000GPH, left and right on a fifteen minute light timer (500GPH), and one Maxi jet 600 as a power head (160GPH). This and a Red Sea Prizm skimmer as a Ozone Reactor with a controller, 'and' a HOB Reef Octopus LX2000S rated for a 150 gallon where needed to keep the water clean in a 'quarantine' tank (six weeks). So far, so good, ORP 390MV (adjusted for probe reading in 450mv solution), live rock with mushroom corals, two brown encrusting corals I never wanted (the color was supposed to be purple ( again), but the 6-7 inch Extra large Queen Angelfish seems very good. I acclimated for two hours to tank water specifications, left tank lights off and ran Actinic 03 (two 20 watt fixtures as a lunar light) just on ground facing up in front and behind tank. At then end of twelve hours of 10K and Actinic 03 light it ate some, 2nd day, flake food, pellets, Frozen brine shrimp, marine cuisine, and a marine mufti-pack I had. The flake food I want to replace (fast) with Ocean Nutrition formula two, I have there small pellets, and ordered formula two frozen, brine shrimp, no one has 'angel formula' from Ocean nutrition, I asked to be notified when in stock. Yes, the fish could die from stress problems, but unlike 5 inch fish that where a train wreck for me, this 6-7 inch large Queen Angelfish is off to a good start. Ideal water conditions maintained, lighting, live rock hiding places, it ignores a baby Picasso Trigger fish and a damsel in the tank. The first two did not seem healthy, at every turn they started breathing heavy, they don't always survive acclimation, never mind stress (hiding places, lighting, night lights), never mind they diseases associated with stress and malnutrition (breathing problems, fungal infections). I think you have to create ideal conditions that can be maintained, and what you thought was ideal may change quickly, lighting, flow, skimming, reactors, Ozone, they are only so many ways you can guarantee high quality water is sustained long term. I had to get backup equipment for many aspects of filtration, flow, even lighting, or run dual paired solutions that if one failed there was a 2nd (yes with 1/2 the flow).

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  • RJH - 2013-07-02
    I had to increase colliding linear flow to dissipate any trace of residual ozone I could not smell in air or water. I had to run colliding flow constant instead of on a fifteen minute timer basically (downward/top/back, and left and right back/top), and change 8 spoonfuls of carbon in Prizm Media basket return every two days. I noticed residual ozone affecting fish briefly (only the extra large Queen Angelfish). It's like 88x flow, 7 inch fish doesn't mind circulation mode power heads at all. I tried Aqua Medic Turbofloter HOB skimmer, it's too low quality, thin pipes, 6mm tubing, not Ozone safe, and has really large and heavy pump, the media baskets overflow and do not force returned water through media. 'But' that Red Sea Prizm skimmer Deluxe is 87 dollars at Pet Mountain. Just replace air tubing with silicone tubing from Ultralife direct, 'Ozone Safe' is the term you need. I wasted a lot of time, resources, and money (299.00 plus Ozone cap, media bags, which got you to 399.00), you win some, and lose some, business as you know is basically a con (CBS 60 Minutes). I've also been using Marine 'NO ICH' each day for a week or more, the Queen Angelfish looks really good. I started to rinse frozen food in a net in cold water (less skimming after), and tried almost everything Ocean Nutrition makes (flakes, pellets, and frozen foods). I'm glad something worked, in the end you built a very tough mini reef, great water filtration. For years I avoided Reef Octopus, they do have some very good solutions. They just made a Ocean Reactor, but don't want to run a sump which in time 'always' floods your home. In really large tanks you have no choice, you need the flow and filtration capacity (skimmers and reactors).
  • Clarice Brough - 2013-06-18
    Angelfish can be so touchy... some great info RJH Thanks for sharing your equipment and your experiences. I'm not planning on getting an angel of this size right now, but may in the future, and your info is super.
  • RJH - 2013-08-12
    After a month of 'NO ICH' Marine for parasites, I had to account for LX2000s skimmer (HOB Reef Octopus) running Ozone, I just double dose and did it twice a day. You can remove carbon running Ozone and a controller, and you can't guarantee water quality without it. The Extra Large Queen Angelfish is doing fine with two encrusting corals, live rock with mushrooms, and a baby Picasso trigger and Damsel. I ended up with a temperature controller for a surface computer fan, two Maxi Jet 1200's (1300GPH in circulation mode) downward top/back/left and right, they needed 'sure grip' magnets, LX2000s, two Maxi 400's at the surface as power heads, left and right of skimmer creating surface flow. I'm using Red Sea Foundation, Colors, Energy, and Algae Management. The water low level tests show no Nitrate or Phosphate, I change a 1/2 cup of carbon on upper shelf of HOB skimmer return each day, Ozone injected through silencer with silicone tubing from Ultra Life Direct. The Queen is eating brine shrimp plus (washed in a net), Ocean Nutrition pellets and flake food, tried them all, it eats them all, they sure can eat. Very serious filtration is needed, not a 300 gallon, it needs the filtration of a 150 gallon tank, with 100x flow, consistent temperature, 2 watts per gallon Actinic 03 and 10K, 'and' a 20 watt Actinic 03 night light, not kidding.

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