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  The Pale-tail Chromis or Yellowtail Blue Damsel displays typical damselfish behavior, very active and a great eater! A good fish for the beginner as it is hardy and inexpensive.
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Dan - 2008-02-02
Reading all this, I think mine's broken :/.

He sits under the live rock in the little cave. Granted I only got him today, so he could be a little stressed still. I'll keep an eye on him.

michael - 2007-10-29
I just got one and I love this fish. It has so much personality! It explores the whole tank and LOVES to eat!

Moses - 2006-11-08
This is a very good fish for beginners! I have 2 of these yellow-tailed damsels. they swim all around the aquarium and they love to hide in the caves of the live rock.

Danny - 2006-02-05
Just to update... I added a new few new fish and the little yellow tail damsel went at them like a parana while ignoring pre-existing fish. I quickly removed the yellow tail from the tank and moved around the rocks. Then put the yellow tail back in thinking he was in a new tank. Since he was last in once again, no problem. I recommend adding yellow tails last or to remove and re-arrange, then put back in after new fish. Mine leaves pre-existing fish alone.

Danny - 2006-01-18
I found they have lots of personality!!! They are very bold and will taunt the larger fish with an aggressive posture to say thats my rock! More posture than bite. Yes they are selfish but in a very cute way. Medium aggressive compared to other damsels and mine are doing great in community tanks. They will tend to hang in the back of the tank or at the bottom. They really have cute bold personalities especially when they are small. When very small they are all attitude and no bite until they grow a bit. Mine are still under 3 inches so I don't know yet if they will become mean.

Alex VanSant - 2005-11-26
I just got my yellow-Tailed damsel and he seems to hid under the live rock and he usually says close to the bottom when he emerges from underneath the live rock.

Ray Ortiz - 2005-01-30
This fish is territorial but not too agressive. The one I have, likes to hide behind live rock, and will only comeout if my other fish come close to his territory. I will keep him for now.

Andersen - 2004-09-23
I really dont like this fish, yes true, he was territorial and aggressive, especially he loved to attack other fish smaller than him, and every time I adding new small fish. What i can called this fish is SELFISH!

anonumos - 2004-02-21
These fish mostly swim at the top of the aquarium