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   The Neon Velvet Damsel is such a beautifully colored fish as a juvenile, it has been given the nickname 'Jewel Damsel'!
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lucah629 - 2008-08-02
I have had my Damsel for about a week now and he is about 4 inches long. He is the nicest fish I've ever had but he eats all the coral. My zenias and anthelias are gone and my kenya trees are all gone now. I was told he was reef safe but as I found out he wasn't. I don't recommend this fish for a reef tank especially one with a lot of corals. I'm stuck with him as he is too fast to catch and I can't move the rock around; it would destroy my tank.

Harrison - 2007-12-29
I have two with a snowflake eel and a trigger. They tease the eel. They are great and love my trigger.

Fik - 2006-08-10
I got a couple a week ago. They were great than I got another couple, one of the new couple turn out to be a bully, biting and attacking the other three, non stop.

Ben compton - 2006-06-12
A very beautiful damsel and eats like a pig but be warned, this little fish is truely the son of Satan! My damsel will have no trouble going up to my eel and lionfish and slapping them with his tail. I'm just waiting on the day when my lionfish will eat it. Damsels just need a tank for their own.

Danny - 2006-01-18
I only have 1 of these. Mine is 3.5 inches long. The pet shop said he was really aggressive. He is the sweetest fish! He will let me hand feed him. Gets along with every fish in the tank of all sizes. This is probably "very" rare for a damsel. I love him. Very Hardy!!! I have to say mine is a little fat from hand feeding. He pushes the little damsels around in the tank if they get too close but never bites any fish. He rarely hides and swims along the glass in the front of the tank waiting for me to feed him. I don't know if this is normal for this breed.