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   Many folks like the purity and beauty of the Blue Devil Damsel and this is perhaps one of the most popular of the damselfishes.
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Ramon - 2005-02-19
I added one of these guys to help start my tank and became so fond of him, that I added a female as well. They are by far the most entertaining fish I have. They zipp around the tank from one cave to another finding even the smallest crevice in my live rock to squeeze into. They are far the most enjoyable damsel you can buy.

Rick - 2004-03-08
Yes, I have noticed the change colors too. It scared me actually. I just set my tank up 2 days ago and yesterday I put in these guys. This morning when I woke up I rushed to do a head count to make sure they were all okay when I saw one fish in the corner, he was a blackish purple and I thought he was sick. After testing my salinity, he moved from the corner to the middle of the tank and he was back to being blue again. They are very nice looking fish!

Shawn Adams - 2004-01-04
Sexing devilfish is easy. The males have a yellow tail - not as pronounced as a yellow-tail damsel, it is a gradual change that begins about halfway down the tail. Both male and female have a black dot on the dorsal fin, which is an easy way to verify that you are getting a male devil and not a yellow-tail.

Lindsay - 2003-09-05
I had intended my blue damsel just as a starter fish , but as time progressed I became fond of the little starter fish. I do not have a large tank , so adding another fish is not an option. I am not sure whether to keep the damsel or the get another fish. Any advise would be helpful.